Introducing QuickBooks Time: It’s TSheets … with a new name

Intuit® Developers will want to know about some news with one of Intuit’s apps. After three years of being a part of the QuickBooks® family, TSheets is now QuickBooks Time, and even though the time-tracking service has a new name, there will be no changes to features or functionality.

What else is changing?

There are no changes to the core product functionality or the overall customer experience; Intuit has simply rebranded the solution. And, of course, QuickBooks Time will continue to integrate with QuickBooks.**

We want you to let your employees and management know about this change, but they do not need to do anything; all of the rebranding from TSheets to QuickBooks Time has happened automatically.

What’s next?

Now, you will see changes to QuickBooks Time, such as in-product notices, guidance on the mobile app, and other enhancements. But, again, there is nothing you need to do to work with QuickBooks Time. In addition, if you are working with an accounting or bookkeeping professional, they have been made aware of the name change as well. If you are not working with a professional, you can find one at our Find-a-ProAdvisor website.

We give our thanks to our customers who continue to support our efforts to help you build your business. Visit the QuickBooks blog for future announcements and articles related to QuickBooks Time.

**QuickBooks integration: QuickBooks Time integrates with QuickBooks Online (“QBO”), QuickBooks Online Payroll (“Payroll”) and QuickBooks Desktop (“Desktop”). Requires an active QBO, Payroll or Desktop account. Additional terms, conditions and fees may apply.