Intuit named one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For 2021

Intuit® ranked #11 on Fortune 100 Best Places to Work For 2021, with more than 500,000 employee surveys pouring in to determine the list of 100. Employees weighed in on not only how caring, trustworthy, and fair they see their employer in times of crisis, but also the company’s impact on their own well-being and the broader community. Check out Intuit’s page on the Fortune website.

One change to this year’s survey was in the essay portion, where staff was asked to focus on actions taken specifically in response to the challenges from the past year.

Accounting to Fortune, Intuit staff feels Intuit has been an awesome employer during COVID-19, giving employees eight days to “recharge.” Beyond that, employees noted that Intuit created multiple programs to help employees handle being a caretaker, maintaining work/life balance, and taking care of themselves and their families.

From our Intuit family, a big thanks to all of you – our Intuit Developer community, and our partners in Canada and France – for your unwavering support and trust during this journey. And, congratulations to the other companies who made the list!