QuickBooks Desktop 2022: What you need to know

For 2022, QuickBooks® Desktop has modernized its platform to provide enhanced computing power (64-bit compatibility) that maximizes QuickBooks’ performance and stability through improved use of the 64-bit processors found on most computers.

  • Customers get peace of mind by using a QuickBooks that meets modern operating system standards.
  • Customers maintain seamless third-party integrations by using developer preferred infrastructure.

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 will not be compatible with 32-bit operating systems

We are recommending that customers on 32-bit operating systems upgrade to 64-bit compatible hardware and software to be able to install QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

Will my app still work with QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

32-bit apps will continue to work with QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

  • SDK and all existing 32-bit apps will continue to work with the latest QuickBooks 2022 versions (Plus and Enterprise).
  • QuickBooks support on 32-bit app compatibility will continue in 2019, 2020, and 2021 versions.

Can I take advantage of the new 64-bit compatibility?

The developer community will have the ability to extend the power of 64-bit in their apps for the QuickBooks Desktop users by using the QuickBooks Desktop 64-bit application installer until the SDK installer is available in the near future.

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How to test application compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Several developers have successfully completed app integration testing with the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version through our annual beta program. You are invited to the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 beta to test your application compatibility and provide feedback. Begin the beta by following these steps:  

  • Please click here to view beta invitation.
  • Tester will be prompted to create a Centercode account (program used to run beta test).
  • Once logged in, the Centercode home page will display Beta 2022 Project.
  • The page will guide tester on where to get the license and download the release (license is valid through October).
  • Submit suggestions and feedback within Centercode.

Sign up for beta now.