Introducing our new integration partner, Codat

As you may have seen, we’ve made some changes recently to our app assessment process to continue to ensure a high level of quality and security for all apps on the QuickBooks® platform.

We’ve also partnered with Codat to make it quicker and easier to develop secure connections to QuickBooks.

What is Codat?

Codat is a single API that makes it easier to connect to all of the systems that small businesses use, including accounting, banking, point of sale, and e-commerce platforms. For example, you can build an app for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop via a single integration to Codat.

You can also bring your products to market faster by using Codat’s out-of-the-box link journey to handle complexity of authentication, data mapping, configuration and data validation.

Why has Intuit® partnered with Codat?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build high quality, secure, and compliant QuickBooks app integrations. 

Codat has been verified as meeting key security requirements via Intuit’s onboarding program, which helps give us an early glimpse into some of the security and privacy protocols of apps that use Codat.

This will provide us paths to approving some applications built with Codat faster and helps increase the number of high-quality integrated apps available to QuickBooks customers.

How does this impact the new app assessment process?

If you are already using Codat, or considering Codat to jump-start your development, you app will still be required to go through our app assessment process. Find out more about the app assessment process here.

You can start building with Codat for free. Sign up here for a free account or find out more about Codat on their website.