What's new in QuickBooks Online: November 2021

Welcome to another article in an ongoing series about new features and improvements in QuickBooks Online.

November 10 was International Accountants Day – a day to celebrate the number-crunching, problem-solving ProAdvisor® in your life. We asked a few business owners to share their experiences working with accountants, and their heartfelt responses came as no surprise.

And while you consider a Thanksgiving note for your accountant, check out the new product updates this month.

Mailchimp app for QuickBooks® Online

In a nutshell: The Mailchimp app for QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync that imports contacts and revenue data from QuickBooks into Mailchimp. Currently in beta testing, this app is the first joint effort of QuickBooks and Mailchimp, with more to come.

How it works: Sync your QuickBooks contacts and corresponding financial data into Mailchimp, where you can create segments, utilize automations, and personalize campaigns that help reach new and existing customers. This new integration cuts down manual data inputs, helping you work more efficiently so that you can focus on running your business. Learn more

QuickBooks Online Advanced app

In a nutshell: The QuickBooks Online Advanced app for Microsoft Windows is now available for download, and includes feature and performance improvements.

The QuickBooks Online Advanced app offers smarter navigation and enhancements that can speed up your workflow. With multi-tab and company switcher features, the app is also stabilized for power users spending several hours every week on QuickBooks Online.

The new app is a free add-on for all QuickBooks Online Advanced users. Learn more

Employee Expense Management: New feature available only in QuickBooks Online Advanced

In a nutshell: The new Employee Expense Management feature, found under Bank/Receipts or Transactions, allows employees to submit expenses directly to QuickBooks for the admin or bookkeeper to readily review, and then reconcile into the books. Submitting expense reports and uploading receipts is now faster and easier than ever.

Save time tracking employee expenses

Employees submit expenses with categories directly to QuickBooks for your review. Email notifications let you know when it’s time to review expenses.

Keep complete records and reduce errors

Employees upload expense receipts, so it’s easy to find the information you need.

See it all in Advanced

Review and track all employee expenses right in QuickBooks.

Watch a video or learn more