See the newest apps in the QuickBooks App Store

There are 25 new reasons to love the QuickBooks App Store! Each new app added to our global marketplace extends the capability of QuickBooks for small and mid-market businesses. Our most recent additions meet specific needs including global human resource management, compliant crypto payroll, automated tax workflows, and dashboards that incorporate industry benchmark data.

Check out the newest QuickBooks Online apps to hit the shelves below:

  1. Amaka – Automatically sync e-commerce sales, payments, fees, taxes, discounts, and refunds and fast-track your reconciliations.
  2. Apron – Sort invoices, get approvals, track changes, make payments, and get instant reconciliation and oversight on payments across clients.
  3. BoomTax – 1099, W-2, & ACA Tax Filing – Import tax data directly from QuickBooks Online into BoomTax to electronically file with the IRS or SSA and distribute recipient copies.
  4. Cloudslurp Data Connector – Automatically sync your QuickBooks data into Google Sheets or Excel and blend live data with other tools like PowerBI and Tableau.
  5. CreditXS – Enhance cash flow by collecting payments utilizing qualified, UK-based credit control personnel.
  6. Deel – Global Payroll, Hiring, and HR – Eliminate hiring and management borders with a global human resource platform with the tools, features, and guidance you’ll need.
  7. eZ Payment – Create ACH (NACHA) files from QuickBooks Online and email vendors with details of ACH payments.
  8. Figured – Provide accounting practices and their farming clients with real-time budgeting, forecasting, production tracking, and financial insights using a cloud-based financial management system.
  9. Flash Reports – Extract QuickBooks Online financial data directly to Excel and eliminate the need to continuously rebuild models and reports.
  10. Franklin Payroll – Pay your workforce in a compliant manner using USD or crypto.
  11. Integra Balance.AI – Resolve uncategorized transactions and interface with clients using AI-powered automation.
  12. Mar-Kov Services – Sync customers, suppliers, bills, invoices, COGS, and inventory assets automatically to extend QuickBooks to a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  13. MotorDesk – Modernize your automotive stock management, advertising, communication, sales, and social media with an automotive dealership management platform.
  14. Naologic Data Connector – Build apps without code and automate accounting by synchronizing invoices and associated products and contacts to your QuickBooks account.
  15. NEX – Manage customer and vendor relationships, sales processes, orders, invoices, inventory, shipping, service, and support with an end-to-end enterprise management system.
  16. Now Commerce – B2B Customer and Sales Rep Portals – Allow your wholesale customers and sales team to enter orders online and automatically add them to QuickBooks.
  17. OLY.AI – Get instant answers to your typed or spoken business questions in real-time using natural language and QuickBooks Online data.
  18. OnePageCRM – Implement a CRM system with task management and the ability to manage a pipeline, predict sales revenue, organize products and services, and send automatically generated estimates.
  19. Peerview Data – Understand your performance and provide better forecasting utilizing a dashboard with industry benchmark data, ratios, metrics, charts & graphs.
  20. PlanMan – An online project management tool for architects and town planners to create and update both clients and invoices in QuickBooks from within PlanMan.
  21. ProConnect Tax Online – Streamline and automate your tax workflow with cloud-based tax preparation software.
  22. Stripe Sync by clickbooks.io – Automate the transfer of transaction data from Stripe to QuickBooks to manage your bookkeeping and business finances.
  23. Transcard SMART Suite – Streamline the process of making and receiving payments through the automatic reconciliation of payments in QuickBooks Online.
  24. TROY FlexPay – Pay invoices the way you prefer with a flexible payments platform with enhanced security.
  25. Zoey B2B – Sync orders, create invoices, and link net terms between QuickBooks Online and the Zoey eCommerce order management solution.

To see more apps, go to apps.intuit.com. To learn more about listing your app on the QuickBooks App Store, visit List your app on our marketplaces.