Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: ApprovalMax

According to Konstantin Bredyuk, ApprovalMax Director, Product, “The Intuit Developer Growth Program is an amazing opportunity that we’re very proud to be part of.”

We had an opportunity to interview Konstantin about ApprovalMax and his team’s ongoing experience with the Developer Growth Program. First, let’s take a look at what ApprovalMax is all about.

All about ApprovalMax

Founded in 2016, ApprovalMax replaces manual paper or email-based approval routing with automated, multi-role approval workflows. It is a preferred and trusted tool for 175,000 users across the globe, helping users establish strong financial controls and streamline Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes. Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, the app simplifies the approval process for purchase orders, bills, and invoices.

Says Konstantin, “Early on, we recognized businesses were dealing with some frustrating challenges when using paper and email to approve financial documents. Our goal early on was to eliminate manual, messy, and risky approval processes that touched different business departments and stakeholders.”

ApprovalMax is serving 15,000 businesses “by giving them access to a tool that allows them to handle their approval process,” but Konstantin says it does even more than that. “We’ve developed something that helps businesses build robust financial controls across their finance function. We’re filling gaps using automation to help with fraud prevention and audit trails, and we’re helping many businesses go paperless with their approvals while speeding everything up.”

It’s no surprise that ApprovalMax is an award-winning application, but it has its share of challenges. One challenge is that some smaller businesses believe a structured approval process with robust financial controls doesn’t apply to them. Another challenge is the misperception that ApprovalMax is just an approval tool.

Says Konstantin, “ApprovalMax can create robust financial controls so SMBs can prevent, detect, and correct issues across their Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions.”

The Developer Growth Program is valuable and motivating

Thanks to increasing QuickBooks Online connections and positive customer feedback, ApprovalMax was invited to join the Developer Growth Program. The ApprovalMax team was delighted to accept, and after experiencing a number of benefits already, they’re even more delighted. One of the many benefits? Getting data and feedback about their app listing and API usage.

“That data is hugely valuable and motivating for us,” Konstantin says.

In addition to Helina’s expert insights, ApprovalMax is benefitting from access to pre-designed marketing assets provided by Intuit.

“One very convenient factor is having access to assets that have already been designed and approved by marketing, brand, and legal teams at Intuit,” he says. “It means we’ve been able to scale our marketing efforts and focus on doing work at twice the pace. For example, our team can now create a marketing plan that’s specific to QuickBooks Online in half of the time it would normally take because design assets are ready to go. The other benefit is that the assets from Intuit complement our branding, which makes it a seamless brand collaboration.”

Finally, Konstantin has great things to say about their interaction with solution architects from Intuit. “On the product side, the Intuit architects have given us guidance on how to leverage the API and strengthen product ideas in ways we hadn’t considered up until now. They’ve helped us redefine and reframe parts of our user experience. They also reinforced good ideas and gut feelings we’ve had about our product, so it was great to have that kind of validation.”

A great opportunity for app companies

As ApprovalMax continues to participate in the Developer Growth Program, Konstantin’s opinion is that any app company that has an opportunity to participate in the program should do so.

“The input we’ve received from Intuit has validated our roadmap. We got positive feedback on our product plans and roadmap, which will see us making a significant move forward in the QuickBooks Online ecosystem,” he says. “Overall, the partnership is going to help us connect with more QuickBooks Online customers. When there are more users of ApprovalMax worldwide, we know there’s more protection, detection, and correction across businesses of different shapes and sizes relating to their financial controls. That’s an incredible feeling for our team of 110 people and the mission we’re currently on.”