Intuit Developer Growth Program Spotlight: Dext

At Intuit, we’re passionate about delighting our customers. We believe our valued app developers play a vital role in making our mutual customers happy by building unique, customer-centric applications that seamlessly integrate with the QuickBooks platform.

A quick history lesson on Dext

In 2010, Michael Wood and Alexis Penn purchased Receipt Farm and renamed it Receipt Bank. From 2011 to 2020, Receipt Bank grew, raising funding and opening offices around the world. In 2021, Receipt Bank rebranded as Dext and launched its product offerings as Dext Prepare, Dext Precision, and Dext Commerce. In 2022, Dext announced Practice Insights, which provides Dext Prepare clients with real-world insight into their accounting practices.

He explains further, “Dext Prepare is a simple way to bring all your paperwork together in a standardized, digital format. Whether it’s a receipt, invoice, or bank statement, just upload it and Dext will extract the relevant data to send to your accounting software. This ensures accurate numbers without manual entry.”

It’s a simple application and it only takes a few steps to get started:

  1. The user uploads receipts and invoices to Dext Prepare via a mobile app, email, or an automated invoice fetch process.
  2. Dext Prepare extracts the relevant data, then uploads it to the accounting system.
  3. Dext Prepare provides figures in a standardized digital format and stores the data using bank-level encryption.

Dext Prepare integrates with multiple accounting tools, supports over 11,500 banks and institutions, and saves accounting firms up to 5.5 hours—per client, per month—on manual data processing. All this while offering 99% accuracy when capturing and processing paperwork. One of the 380 users that gave Dext Prepare 5 stars in our app store writes:

“We LOVE using Dext!! Our clients have scanners that can scan right into their Dext inbox. It works great for our clients that do Job Costing and/or have Classes. The BEST part is that the images push into QBO and it happens FAST!”

Dext participation in the Developer Growth Program

Dext heard about the Developer Growth Program in early 2023 but had to wait until the summer to enroll. Now that they’re in it, Scott says the program has been great so far.

“What stands out is the access to various teams and resources at Intuit that we never knew existed.” He adds, “These new channels allow us to better understand how our product aligns with the Intuit customer base, and they’ve been instrumental in helping us modify our messaging. We are excited to leverage our learnings from the program long-term, and we’re optimistic that our participation will continue to deliver shared wins for years to come.”

The teams and resources Scott mentions include our expert accountant panel, UX designers, solution architects, and Go-To-Market (GTM) managers. The Intuit teams review the applications during live sessions to offer unique insights from different perspectives, as well as how to use Intuit analytics and take advantage of co-marketing assets.

Says Scott, “Hearing feedback from Intuit engineering as well as external accounting firms provides us with a view of our product from a lens we don’t get every day. The insights shared, the ideas proposed for product enhancements, and overall expertise are invaluable. We’ve already submitted product update requests to our engineering team based on the feedback we received. We’ve also leveraged the insights shared to update some of our messaging to the market.”

Why Dext recommends the Developer Growth Program

Though the Dext Prepare team is still working their way through the benefits of the Developer Growth Program, they’ve experienced enough to know that app developers within the QuickBooks community will benefit from participating.

“Honestly,” Scott says, “the key here is access to information, people, and technology that wouldn’t exist without the Developer Growth Program. Success can be measured in so many ways, but because our participation touches so many different teams at Dext, the overarching success metric we keep coming back to is access.”

What has access to Intuit done for Dext? Scott provides several examples: “Unlocking new relationships across various business units at Intuit has allowed us to better understand how the firm operates, how to develop GTM strategies, and how to leverage its ecosystem to deliver best-in-class solutions to accountant and bookkeeper communities. Monthly analytics regarding our QuickBooks App Store traffic and API usage give us valuable data to optimize our profile. The access to multiple advisory panels has allowed our teams to better understand where we do a great job and, more importantly, where we can improve the overall customer experience with Dext Prepare.”

We agree that providing app developers with access to resources and insights from different teams at Intuit is instrumental to the success of the Developer Growth Program. We’ll continue to stay in touch with Scott and the Dext Prepare team to see how they translate their access into success and growth.