Marketing Concierge Program Spotlight: Rewind

Rewind Backups: Providing Peace of Mind

Rewind was established in 2015 with a mission to help businesses protect their SaaS and cloud data. As a data backup and recovery app, it supports over 25,000 customers in more than 100 countries. According to Scott Parker, Rewind’s Director of Product Marketing, Rewind Backups “is leading the next generation of backup solutions, providing flexible, secure, and reliable protection tailored for SaaS application data. We offer advanced capabilities, including unified management across your SaaS applications, fast incremental daily backups, point-in-time granular recovery, and 365 days of data retention.”

Noting that more than 80% of business-critical data resides in SaaS platforms (making it inaccessible to conventional backup solutions) and that IT management is becoming more decentralized, Parker says that companies must ensure they have a reliable recovery plan in place. With Rewind Backups, they have the right plan in place as well as confidence that their data will be safe and recoverable.

A real-life user—who happens to be one of over 430 users who gave Rewind Backups 5 stars in the QuickBooks App Store—had this to say: “Rewind Backups offers seamless integration and reliable data protection, with a user-friendly setup and efficient restore options for QuickBooks data. The responsive and knowledgeable support team provides timely assistance, ensuring any queries or issues are addressed promptly.”

Another reviewer acknowledges Rewind’s ability to provide peace of mind, writing, “Rewind fills a crucial role in securing my client’s data. I view it as akin to an insurance policy. I don’t want the catastrophic to happen, but I sleep much better at night knowing that if it does, Rewind has my back. Couldn’t recommend Rewind enough.”

Overcoming Challenges with the Marketing Concierge Program

Though currently employing 100 team members, boasting $80 million in funding, and supporting 12 platforms, Rewind is challenged by an audience who often aren’t aware of their responsibilities regarding their SaaS data. When asked what its biggest challenge as a SaaS company is, Parker says SaaS companies like Rewind are often disrupting the status quo, and it’s not always easy for clients to adapt to new models and make changes to existing workflows.

“Locally installed, business-critical applications are slowly transitioning to cloud applications, requiring a significant change in the mindset of IT teams. Businesses accustomed to owning their tools must shift to a subscription model and adopt an application that lives outside of their local infrastructure,” Parker says. “While this change brings many benefits, it also introduces the need to re-evaluate your onboarding, security, and data continuity plans to align with the new tools. Rewind’s challenge is to take on the role of educator in the space and  challenge conventional backup solutions while supporting a safe transition to the cloud.”

Getting the word out about Rewind’s ability to help companies transition to a new era of cloud applications is a complex marketing hurdle, but Rewind’s ongoing participation in the Marketing Concierge Program is proving incredibly helpful.

Says Parker, “While we both target a similar audience, the Intuit team, with its extensive experience engaging QuickBooks Online customers, has provided us with invaluable insights into the broader market, customer behaviors, and an understanding of their user’s cloud transition strategies. Their deep familiarity with other marketplace applications has also enabled them to offer constructive feedback on enhancing our listing and enriching our approach with their seasoned perspective.”

He notes that the Intuit Marketing Portal delivers much-needed resources which they’ve already used for research purposes, and plan on leveraging for future marketing campaigns. Parker says that partnering with the Intuit team has helped them hone their marketing approach and adds that the Intuit team, “has done a fantastic job of introducing the many resources available to us, reviewing our marketplace listing, and working with our partnership team to scope out a shared go-to-market strategy that we can already see is positively impacting our ability to reach and educate customers.”

Refining Go-To-Market Strategies Benefits All App Companies

For Parker and his team, having regular interactions with the Intuit team has been both enjoyable and beneficial. He believes the Marketing Concierge Program offers any app company that chooses to participate invaluable help.

“Building a solid community of app companies helps everyone be successful. The resources, aggregated learnings, and ability to ask the Intuit team questions directly have been beneficial in refining our go-to-market strategy and helping us find opportunities to align with, and support, Intuit’s goals,” he says. “In many cases, there are clear synergies with both Intuit and other app vendors that, when aligned through the program, have the potential to multiply the effectiveness of our combined value proposition to the target market.”

As Rewind continues its journey through the Marketing Concierge Program, Parker says it’s allowed them to refine their marketplace listing, improve their Rewind Backups for QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp marketing efforts, and see some exciting possibilities as QuickBooks and Mailchimp align on a go-to-market strategy. He believes the program has already helped them engage “more effectively with our customers” and helped our customers “confidently adopt new cloud solutions.”