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  • 4 online bootcamps to help improve your skills

    You already know that investing in specialized training and advanced education for your job leads to improved skills and career advancement. As a developer, you have many professional development resources at your disposal, including a variety of coding bootcamps, but how do you know which one is worth your time, effort, and money? We asked […]

  • How diversity is driving innovation

    In 1971, the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day, when we celebrate women’s right to vote as granted by the 19th Amendment. I believe this is also a day we should celebrate the growing number of women in technology. As a staff data scientist at Intuit®, I’m proud to work at a […]

  • Which project management tool do developers prefer?

    Developers are creative, intelligent people who are passionate about finding solutions to problems that range from the simple to the complex. Getting their innovative solutions into the hands of users often requires a team effort, and like teams everywhere, they experience project visibility, collaboration, and workflow challenges. To overcome these challenges, they turn to project […]

  • You asked, we listened. Updates for our partner portal

    You asked, we listened. Updates for our partner portal

    Howdy to all our developers! Over the last couple of months, the Intuit Developer Group has been gathering your feedback on brand new feature requests and improvements to existing features. We would like to use this opportunity to present you with the following updates. We’ll regularly update the Developer Blog with articles about new features […]

  • 3 free online learning resources for developers

    At what point can developers sit back and relax, confident they are on top of their game? Never. Albert Einstein said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” This is a universal truth that strongly resonates with the developer community. As witnesses of, and participants in, technology’s constant advancement, […]

  • "Teams" feature in Developer portal is live

    We understand that times are more than a little unsettled these days, but here at Intuit, we are working to improve the tools that you use to deliver benefits to your customers! Today, we’re announcing that the much awaited “Teams” feature is now available in the Developer portal. We started this journey in November 2019 […]

  • Helping your team succeed in a remote environment

    Working remotely is no longer an option, but a necessity for most people. Veteran remote workers know this brings with it a unique set of challenges. If you’re a developer working exclusively from home for the first time due to the COVID-19 crisis, then I have three simple, effective tips for developers on navigating this […]

  • Everything you need to know about DeveloperWeek

    Developers, do you know about DeveloperWeek? If not, it’s the world’s largest developer expo and conference series, and includes the Bay Area DeveloperWeek 2020 event coming to the Oakland Convention Center, Feb. 12-16, 2020. This multi-track, co-located conference with 200+ speakers attracts thousands of developers from all over the world, all of whom will discover […]

  • Meet members of the Intuit Developer team

    Here at Intuit Developer, our team is a diverse group of individuals with a mix of personalities, backgrounds, and interests, all coalescing into a team with a single goal: Supporting you on your quest to build awesome apps within the QuickBooks ecosystem. Curious to know who we actually are? To help you get to know […]

  • New features improve developer productivity

    Over the last couple of weeks, our team has been working hard to help developers build amazing Apps by curiously listening to their feedback and closing on some of the requests which the developers have made. Our goal is to delight our developers by building useful features that increase the developer productivity. With this blog, […]