Please Welcome Tara Hunt to the Intuit Partner Platform

At the Intuit Partner Platform we are focused on providing a fantastic
platform for developers to build great SaaS applications; applications that
leverage Small Businesses assets (such as QuickBooks data.)  But building
a great app is only half the story to building a great business
To succeed, you need customers buying that app!  One of the core benefits
of the Intuit Partner Platform is our ability to drive users to our marketplace
and create a vibrant and trusted community for Small Businesses.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to announce a new addition to our IPP
team.  Tara Hunt has joined the Intuit Partner Platform to lead our
Marketing team, focused on driving Small Business users to our ecosystem’s SaaS
applications and building an thriving community for SMB’s

Tara is one of the finest leaders in building on-line communities and is the
author of the upcoming book, The Whuffie Factor.  This month, Fast Company
named Tara one of the most influential women in technology
.  Personally, I think Tara is one of those rare
people that has the “special sauce” to energize communities to do great things
and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do at IPP and across the Small Business

Welcome Tara!






3 responses to “Please Welcome Tara Hunt to the Intuit Partner Platform”

  1. Paul Fabretti Avatar

    Tara, let me be the first to congratulate you on here! Very happy for you – I hope Intuit are ready for you…no cutey Pugs in the office now you know 😉

  2. Chris Pitre Avatar

    Congrats to Tara. And congrats to Intuit for opening the doors of change and welcoming the success (and attention) that’s about to come your way! Best wishes in 2009!

  3. Suzi Craig Avatar

    Intuit: you just jumped up ten notches in my book. Great score on bringing Tara in to your mix.
    I look forward to watching you do great things!

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