ViewMyPayCheck built on the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP)

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with some of the team who
have developed a brand new Flex application “ViewMyPayCheck”, built on the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) and now available as a beta product at WorkPlace.

ViewMyPayCheck screenshot

We’re always excited when new applications go live on IPP, but what makes
ViewMyPayCheck particularly interesting is the fact that it is an Intuit
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product built by the internal Intuit Payroll
product group using the same platform as external IPP partners are using today.
More on this in a second…First, a bit more about ViewMyPayCheck…

ViewMyPayCheck enables small businesses to provide their employees the same
easy and protected access to their payroll information that employees at large
companies enjoy.  Employees log in to the application (entering their WorkPlace
credentials) and can view and print their paystubs and, in the future, other
payroll-related information.

The team began development on the ViewMyPayCheck project in October after
winning an Intuit “IdeaJam”, a regular internal competition that encourages
“whitespace” project time for internal teams to collaborate on innovative ideas
for potential products. Once the team had the go-ahead to go from idea to
productization, they began rapid development on IPP, allowing the team to
develop and deploy the SaaS solution in less than three month, without them
having to do themselves the custom work normally associated
with authentication/authorization system integration, permission model
development and hosting & billing infrastructure that scales – all the stuff
that comes for “free” on IPP.

The interesting thing for external IPP developers to take note of here is
since WorkPlace now hosts this ViewMyPayCheck product (built by Intuit), the
small businesses and their employees who use ViewMyPayCheck will find it easy to
find, try and buy other WorkPlace solutions that can help solve other business
problems – solutions developed by not only by Intuit but also external IPP
developers. This is the small business ecosystem at work!

Here’s the video interview I did with the ViewMyPayCheck: the team members
are Lalit Shahani, Deepa Viswanathan, Michael Dehlwes and David Leary (who
unfortunately couldn’t join us for the interview itself).

You can try ViewMyPayCheck at WorkPlace here and find
out more including demo videos here.






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