Participating in the Intuit Community as an Intuit Developer

The Intuit Community is a great place to share your QuickBooks and small
business knowledge with others.  It can be a way to get your name out there, to
build familiarity with your products and services, and to network.  By answering
questions you let prospective customers get a free sample of your expertise.

Before you participate, it is important to be familiar with the Community
and expectations.

The philosophy behind these rules is that everyone should give to the common
good.  Like a potluck, everyone has to bring a dish to share.  In this case the
sharing is your time, your knowledge of QuickBooks, and your knowledge of the
business domain in which you specialize.

If we don't make sure that everyone shares something, then we have a
situation where everyone is taking from the common good
without replenishing it. 

Those who share get to receive benefit in the form of limited and judicious
self-promotion.  Those who share the most are given the most latitude and
opportunity to benefit from being featured on the site.  There are many such
opportunities, such as leading an Ask The Expert
event or a Webinar.






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