QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010 Feature the All-New Intuit App Center

We’re very excited to announce that the Intuit App Center, a new
feature of QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010, is now live. The all-new Intuit App Center
provides QuickBooks customers with direct access to web-based business
applications that help Small Business owners boost their bottom line and get
connected to a wider array of powerful online services.

The apps available on Intuit App Center have been developed by Intuit and members of the Intuit Developer
to further expand the value of QuickBooks. Today there are over 20
3rd party apps live on the Intuit App Center with a very healthy pipeline of more high-quality 3rd party apps in the works.

Free Trials Available On Intuit App Center

The Intuit App Center is a key
channel for 3rd party web apps (built on the Intuit Partner Platform by IDN
members) to reach QuickBooks’ 4 million customers. IDN members can check out free trials to the apps available today. Here a some great examples:

  • Fuel
    – Track and manage marketing campaigns and sales leads while
    synchronizing customer information with QuickBooks 2009 and 2010.
  • Central
    – Share files, create wiki pages and more in minutes! Anywhere
  • Pixily
    – Simplified paper and digital document management and document scanning.
    Automatically look-up clients' and vendors' email addresses from Quickbooks 2009
    or 2010 contacts.
  • Dimdim - Set up web conferences or deliver synchronized live presentations,
    whiteboards and web pages while sharing your voice and video online.
  • Rypple  - Helps your employees learn and execute faster by getting honest feedback from
    colleagues, clients, and advisers.
  • Setster - Gives service providers and teams of professionals the ability to accept appointments online using a widget that can be embedded on any website.
  • VerticalResponse
    for Intuit® Workplace
    – Create, launch, and track professional emails,
    newsletters, postcards and more. And, if you have QuickBooks 2009 or 2010, you
    can directly import your customer contacts.

What Intuit Apps Are Live on Intuit App Center?

Another exciting aspect of the Intuit Partner Platform is the fact that
Intuit’s own product teams are also building and launching new web apps
available on the Intuit App Center. Again, free trails are available for each of
these apps, so try them out now:

  • Intuit
    Green Snapshot
    – gives you recommendations on how to save money by reducing
    your carbon footprint and lets you share progress with your customers.  And
    since it’s based on your QuickBooks data, there’s no extra work for you.
  • ViewMyPaycheck
    – gives employees of Small Businesses easy access to payroll

How Can You Get Your Apps into the Intuit App Center?

If you want your web apps become available on the Intuit App Center then
check out the IPP Developer Center
to learn how you can build your apps from scratch as “Native” apps or “Federate”
existing SaaS apps that integrate with QuickBooks data and then sell them on the
Intuit App Center.


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4 responses to “QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2010 Feature the All-New Intuit App Center”

  1. Mat "Learn Quickbooks For Free" Hultquist Avatar

    Those look like some pretty cool apps to help the small business owner.
    Didn’t Quickbooks previously have 3rd party softwares available as add-ons?
    If so, maybe now they are centralized into the App center?
    This will definitely be something I will let my clients know about.

  2. Alex Barnett Avatar

    Hi Mat – thanks for dropping by!
    You are right – those add-ons (Built with the QuickBooks SDK) and still going strong – available via at http://marketplace.intuit.com/)
    Intuit App Center is different: all the apps there (developed 3rd party ISVs and Intuit) are available with single-sign-on and can be used directly from the browser…and of course work with QuickBooks (via the Intuit Partner Platform APIs that we provide (see http://ipp.developer.intuit.com/).

  3. Ciara Avatar

    My concern is more on the Standard report of Inventory. We are currently using now the 2010 version of QB. On the previous version, when I am doing some review and reconciliation, and costing analysis, I use the “Inventory Valuation Summary” then click on the particular item that I want to review, the report will show then the details of the item but now, in this new version it includes all items with zero value. because in the QB standard set-up, it is “All” not “In Use”. I know I can modify this report and memorize, but it’s not of help for I need to modify or change item everytime I need to look from one to another. Please help us to change this standard set-up of report.

  4. Alex Barnett Avatar

    Hi Ciara – for questions about QuickBooks Reports and Report Center, you should get help from experts at the Intuit Community site: http://community.intuit.com/category/reports-report-center
    Hope this helps!

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