Announcing IPP Dev Voice – Enhancement Voting and Tracking System

I’ve been fortunate to speak with many of you over the last several months as
the Intuit Partner Platform gains momentum. The progress we’ve made together in
the last 90 days alone is ASTOUNDING! We released a new App Center with QuickBooks 2010 to let small business customers easily discover your great
solutions; we’ve seen a dozen new apps launch, and we’re putting the finishing
touches on a whole host of new platform capabilities and data services.

One thing I really appreciate is all the great ideas and thoughtful
recommendations you’ve provided on how to make IPP even better. You can see many
of your ideas put into action as we roll out new releases. But what about that
other suggestion you asked us for? What’s coming up?

To make it easier for you to provide feedback and for us to share the status
of things, we’re trying out a new service – IPP Dev Voice. This
service will let you:

  • Add your own suggestions
  • Review the great suggestions posted by other partners (there are 8
    different enhancement groups, ranging from Data Services, to Marketing and
    Selling, to App Management and Support)
  • Vote on the enhancements you’d find most valuable (you can place up
    to 10 votes in each group!)
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for any of the groups to monitor new ideas and
    track the status of your suggestions.

IPP Product Management will review all the suggestions regularly. We’ll flag
the ideas we’re actively reviewing, planning, and working on, so you’ll always
know the status of your favorite enhancements stand.

IPP Dev Voice is available to all registered IPP development partners. To
access it, go to http://voice.developer.intuit.com.
We’ve also integrated the service into the IPP and Workplace Discussion Forum. Look for the FEEDBACK widget on any IPP forum listing pages or
postings. Click on this widget to view the IPP suggestions with the highest
number of votes, or go directly to IPP Dev Voice to add a suggestion and see
what other developers are thinking about.

Do you have an idea? Do you recognize a good idea when you see one? We want
to hear from you!

~Bill Phelan
IPP Product Management






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