Announcing IPP v2.5

The IPP team is excited to announce that IPP v2.5 is now live and available for IPP partners which includes:


Several improvements and additional developer configuration options have been added to the IPP Sign-up / Sign-in (SUSI) experience.

Note: All changes are upwardly-compatible unless explicitly noted. New developer-facing enhancements are optionally configurable. End-user changes to make the SUSI process clearer and easier will be immediately available for new users signing up for App Center / Workplace applications.

Enhancements include:

  • Google Analytics Tracking Modifications

    Due to the large number of SUSI improvements / optimizations added in the IPP v2.5 release for third party partners listed in more detail below, the tracking codes for Google Analytics used to analyze the Sign-up / Sign-in flow have been modified.

    Note: Third party partners using IPP’s Google Analytics reporting capabilities may need to revise their Google Analytics reports to reflect the new Page and UserAction tracking codes. Review the Google Analytics Release notes for more information.

  • Fast-path sign-up for new customers (Trial/Free/Beta)

    By default in v2.5, new subscribers signing up for third party applications that offer a trial plan, a free subscription, or a beta plan are no longer prompted to select a subscription plan or enter payment info. This default reduces the number of steps a user needs to complete to evaluate the application. Third party partners have the ability to override this new default behavior when publishing their application.

  • All-in-one sign-up page for third party applications

    The Intuit AppCenter SUSI experience has been redesigned for new customers signing up for paid-only applications as well as for existing customers signing up for additional application subscriptions (i.e. for multiple businesses). The four steps required to subscribe to an application have been consolidated into one page and the number of clicks significantly reduced. Prior to v2.5, this SUSI experience involved five separate pages.

  • Third party SUSI customization options

    IPP v2.5 allows third party app partners to customize several aspects of the Workplace SUSI process:

    • App sign-in page customization

      Partners can add a custom image to the initial SUSI screen that prompts users to sign-in using their Intuit Account or create a new Intuit account. By default, this area includes an AppCenter / Workplace marketing image.

    • App sign-up page customization

      Partners can add custom content to the left hand margin in the all-in-one app sign-up page. By default, this area includes information pulled from the partner’s AppCard.

  • Reduced number of fields required for business profiles

    In v2.5, the number of Business Profile fields a user must enter during the SUSI flow has been reduced from eight to two. Users are only prompted to enter a business name and phone number; address fields are no longer required or presented in the SUSI workflow. This change reduces the number of keystrokes / clicks end users must complete to sign up for an application.

  • Improved help experience for new prospects / users

    IPP v2.5 includes a new help interface for prospects / customers who have login problems or general questions about a particular application. The AppCenter FAQ page has also been revised to include links to this help interface.

Get more information about these and other new IPP SUSI capabilities here.


Several enhancements have been added to IPP’s customer reporting services. These include:

  • The Trial/Beta Usage Report and Customer Detail Report, available to partners with published applications via their IPP Partner account, now includes phone numbers as well as email addresses for all application subscriptions.
  • API calls return customer data with phone numbers and email addresses.

    The IPP QBDPDevCustomerDetail and QBDPDevFreeTrialUsage APIs have been extended to return phone number data as well as email addresses. This additional data is provided to partners so they can contact customers to resolve support and subscription issues.

Note: Partners are responsible for managing customer contact preferences within their application, as well as ensuring these preferences are honored based on the partner’s application privacy policy.

Follow this link for more information on these customer reporting improvements.


With the v2.5 release, we enabled browser caching of IPP QAR file contents. IPP QAR file contents (including native IPP application SWF files, images, config files, etc.) are now stored locally in the user’s Web browser cache. Additionally, the IPP service checks to see if these assets have been updated since the last time the user logged in; if any changes have been made, the new version of the asset is downloaded and cached in the user’s browser. This enhancement eliminates the need to download this content every time a user logs in to their application, resulting in significant application start-up performance improvements.

Find more information on these IPP performance enhancements here.


We’ve added several new APIs to IPP v2.5, including interfaces to ensure app users have appropriate data access permissions levels.

A new API and standard IPP user-manager access point allows you to reset the base level permissions for an application to ensure all users have the appropriate data access permissions based on their role. This capability was added to address cases when (a) a customer admin inadvertently removed a permission, or (b) an app upgrade has changed role mapping or added new roles and permissions need to be refreshed.

For additional details regarding new APIs included in IPP v2.5, please review the documents located here.


For a complete list of software updates / fixes included in IPP v2.5,

please review the release notes here.


—The Intuit Partner Platform Team






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