Announcing IPP Support for QuickBooks Online – Open Beta

It's been a while coming, but we're very excited to announce that the Intuit Partner Platform is now well on the way to expanding its support beyond the QuickBooks Desktop product to also support QuickBooks Online.

Today, the IPP Intuit Data Services for QuickBooks Online API is now available as an open beta for all developers building applications on IPP, and you will be able to start selling your QBO-integrated IPP apps through the Intuit App Center by January 2011.

About the QuickBooks Online Customer Base

Intuit’s small business customer base is increasingly moving online to manage their front and back office functions. Intuit has seen this trend firsthand with the impressive growth of QuickBooks Online. In one year, QuickBooks Online has doubled their customer base…and 80% of these customers have not previously used QuickBooks Desktop.

As an IPP developer you now have the opportunity to provide additional value through building applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online (QBO) data, filling key customer needs and providing great solutions to Intuit's fast growing QBO customer base.

We'll be driving a ton of users to your apps: with one click, a QuickBooks Online user will be able to immediately access (try and buy) a list of IPP apps that specifically integrate with QBO data – all while using their existing QBO username and password.

Benefits of Early Adoption

Our main PR launch is currently scheduled for January 2011. Get in early to be part of this exciting launch which will include direct access to our QuickBooks Online customers through in-product links.

As an early adopter of IPP's Intuit Data Services (IDS) for QBO API, you’ll also help shape our development roadmap. We’re very interested in learning what you need as we expand and evolve our offering.

We’re very interested in your feedback on documentation, the data objects you'd like supported, and API functionality. Discuss feedback at the IPP forum.

About the API

Many IPP developers are already familiar with the Intuit Data Services API that supports the QuickBooks Desktop data model. For QBO, we're following the same REST-based, broad data model, however there are some key differences.  Over time, we aim to make these differences even smaller.

The initial set of objects we have in the beta today are those that we plan to be in the final V1 release, and each today have full CRUD operations. These objects are:

  • Account
  • Bill
  • BillPayment
  • CashPurchase
  • Check
  • CreditCardCharge
  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Item
  • PaymentMethod
  • SalesTerm
  • Vendor

Filters and Sorts are available for each, see docs for details.

How to get more info on the open beta:

The Intuit Partner Platform Team






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