IPP Flex Framework released under the Eclipse Public License on code.intuit.com

The Intuit Partner Platform team is proud to announce the release of our native IPP Flex Framework under the Eclipse Public License on code.intuit.com. The IPP Flex Framework project provides client libraries, tools and examples for Flex developers who are developing Native IPP applications. This includes the Kingussie framework and other components that may be built over time.

Kingussie is a library that uses the Adobe Cairngorm framework to provide a model-view-controller implementation optimized for interactions with the Intuit App Center, including several pre-coded views for common tasks all IPP developers need to do. Using this framework, nearly all of an IPP developer’s coding work will revolve around creating views (GUI) and specifying data variables in the model.

Code.intuit.com is home to a number of Open Source projects that provide client libraries and tools for IPP. Most of those projects have grown organically from developers with a common need.

We believe that it makes sense that Kingussie be developed and distributed under the same terms as those other libraries and tools. Kingussie is the best example of the ideal developer framework for IPP and as such, we want the patterns and techniques used to be studied and copied.   

Intuit developers already maintain this code base as part of their day to day jobs and that won’t change. The difference is that they will now be doing that using an open source model.

We expect that by working in the open, the Kingussie developers will have closer and more frequent interactions with IPP Application Developers. But the support model for Kingussie and the IPP native Flex Tools won’t change. Members of the Intuit Developer Relations team will continue to be the primary contacts for IPP application developers using the IPP Flex Tools.

Getting involved and how contribution works

As in all code.intuit.com projects, the source code, binaries, bug tracker and documentation is freely available. If you want to get more deeply involved, visit the project and start by asking questions in the developer discussion forum. You can find the project at:


The Project Administrators (Peter Vogel, Robert Larson) have responsibility for granting access privileges in the project. This includes granting commit privileges to "contributors". The "contributors" in the project have responsibility for the code base including reviewing contributions for acceptance. At this time, the project “contributors” are all members of the existing Intuit IPP team.

Project contributors can commit changes directly, subject to peer review. All others must submit patch files which will be reviewed and integrated by the team if they are accepted. Developers must follow the standard code.intuit.com process for becoming a committer as described in:






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