Announcing IPP v2.14

Happy New Year! IPP v2.14 is now live and available for Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) partners. This release is another in a series focused on extending developer tools and data services, as well as improving the shopping, buying, and user experience for end customers on Intuit App Center.



  • Ability to serve customized IPP marketing landing pages from within QuickBooks
    IPP now has the ability to serve customized IPP marketing landing pages from within QuickBooks. Previously, the in-product placements for Intuit App Center took a user to the homepage. All users will now be taken to a landing page that can optionally be customized to the specific QuickBooks industry the user has selected (Finance, Construction, Services, etc.).
    This will present a more appropriate entry point to Intuit App Center from within QuickBooks and allow direct marketing exposure for select applications.
  • 1-Click Sync / Simplified Data Setup
    Starting with QuickBooks 2011 R3 or later, IPP will have the ability to initiate QuickBooks file sync from the checkout process on Intuit App Center. Users with QuickBooks 2011 R3 or later will not need to switch back to QuickBooks from the Intuit App Center web flow to setup file sync. IPP will automatically detect a user starting from within QuickBooks and will launch Sync Manager using a custom protocol handler (quickbooks://).

Please review the release notes for more information on Intuit App Center Enhancements.


  • Updated IPP Documentation: Static, Searchable Docs
    As an IPP Developer, you can now search the documentation using any external search engine, and all pages are static, wiki pages hosted on developer.intuit.com. These documents were converted from the previous framework that generated the docs dynamically, making them impossible for you to bookmark or for external search engines to index. We’ve also renamed some document titles for greater clarity and brevity. The old documentation will be available through the general Documentation page, but links on the site will point to the new documents.
  • New Confidential Information Role
    We’ve created a new confidential information role. Company tax ID or social security number or Vendor tax ID or social security number will require this permission for viewing. Permission is allowed for Administrators.
  • New Mappings for QBO Data
    The application setup process now includes selections that let you map your application’s roles and permissions to QuickBooks Online roles and permissions.

Please review the release notes for more information on Platform Enhancements.


  • Expanded Data Services and Documentation for QuickBooks Online Data (Beta)
    Receive Payments for read, create and update operations is now available as an additional data entity. Developers can also now review expanded documentation within the Getting Started Guide, including greater details within new sub sections.
  • Expanded Data Services for QuickBooks Desktop Data
    • New production quality APIs for the following data objects are being made available in this release:
      • New QuickBooks Desktop Entities and Operations: Accounts Receivable and Time (Money In
      • Class Read
      • Customer Type Read
      • Item Receipt Create and Update
      • Job Type Read
      • Other Charge Item Create and Update
      • Other Name Read
      • Sales Order Create and Update
      • Sales Rep Read
      • Ship Method Read
      • Unit of Measure Read
    • Data entities that contain small data sets do not support the full set of standard filters. These small entities include PaymentMethod, Terms, ShipMethod, CustomerType, JobType, VendorType, Class, UOM, CustomerMessage, and SalesTaxCode. They support only the ListIdSet, ActiveOnly, and Name filters and sorting.
    • TimeActivity Query has been enhanced to allow query for an ID set to narrow down the workers (employees and vendors) in the result set.
    • Expanded Reporting
      • Reports now available:
      • 1099 Report with QuickBooks Report Mappings
      • Standard Balance Sheet
    • Reports updated:
      • Profit & Loss Accrual report
      • This report has been updated to allow it to be rendered for companies that have cash basis as their accounting preference. The previous endpoint has been retained, but an additional query has been added to support the access to the reports for cash basis companies.
    • QuickBooks Custom Fields
      • QuickBooks Custom Fields read has been made available for customers using QuickBooks 2011. The feature will be made available for QuickBooks 2010 customers in Q1 2011. Read has been made available for Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions for names, items, transaction headers, and transaction lines.

Please review the release notes for more information on Intuit Data Services Enhancements.


For a complete list of software updates / fixes included in IPP v2.14, please review the Intuit Partner Platform release notes.






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