Announcing App Center 2.0

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned IPP customer experience. We’ve unified both the shop and workplace under the Intuit App Center brand. You can now access both parts of the site from the single domain name http://appcenter.intuit.com.

Shop Enhancements
We’ve redesigned the IPP shopping experience in several key areas:

  • Redesigned homepage: The new homepage now includes several marketing-controlled tabs for featuring several prominent groups of applications.
  • Site navigation: The new interface simplifies site navigation by introducing a persistent left navigation area. Users can now have access to top application categories and links to key site resources.
  • Persistent viewing modes: The new site features both “icon” and “list” views for all displays of applications. You can now view all tabs and categories in either mode. All apps displayed in “icon” view also have a hover over “quickview” displaying additional information to the user with links to key actions.
  • Redesigned App Cards: App cards now include breadcrumbs, allowing a user to “go up” to an application category to browse similar apps. The new design presents app marketing information in a cleaner visual format. All existing app content will be displayed in the new format without requiring developers to make any changes.
  • SEO-friendly URLs: All app cards will now have an automatically-generated, SEO-friendly URL (e.g. http://appcenter.intuit.com/myappname). Old app card URLs (e.g. https://appcenter.intuit.com/appcenter/moreInfo.aspx?AppID=1234) will automatically redirect to the new SEO-friendly format.
  • Direct app card tab navigation: You can now directly access app card tabs (Overview, Features, Technical, Reviews, FAQs, Support, Pricing) by appending the tab name onto the end of the SEO-friendly URL (e.g. http://appcenter.intuit.com/myappname/features, etc).

My Apps
We’ve also completely redesigned the My Apps (formerly “Workplace”) section of the site.

  • Unified branding: The My Apps section of the site continues to use the consistent Intuit App Center branding, offering users a single site (including since domain name) for all areas of IPP.
  • Redesigned application launcher: We’ve redesigned the launcher area of My Apps to present apps in a single icon view consistent with common industry design. Page scroll arrows allow users to page forward/backward between apps.
  • Removal of duplicate “shop:” We’ve removed the duplicate “shop” experience from the new My Apps design. Users are now presented with more business-relevant marketing information, with links going back to the full shop experience.
  • Simplified navigation: We’ve organized and presented site functionality more consistently, grouping information under the company selection. Tabs now present all available company functions to the user in a single view. Site-level functions (linking back to shop, account settings, etc) appear in the page header.
  • Consistent IPP toolbar dropdown: The IPP toolbar now appears in the My Apps view and continues to be displayed for all launched apps.
  • Native HTML: We’ve implemented the My Apps section of the site using native HTML; the initial view no longer requires Adobe Flash technology. Certain functions (such as developer reports) continue to require Flash, but will be redesigned in native HTML in future releases.

Developer Interface
The developer interface (creating new apps, links for publishing/managing apps) continues to be integrated in the new My Apps interface. A link to My Developer Center is displayed in the header and company selector for users with developer accounts. Switching to My Developer Center displays developer-created applications. Hovering over apps in My Developer Center displays the same functionality previously available.

The application publishing and managing process remains the same (with the same interfaces) and does not require developers to make any changes or take any action at this time.

QuickBooks Online Integration
As part of this release, Intuit has integrated the end-user experience for QuickBooks Online into the new IPP site designs.

  • App Card badges: App cards now display a Works with QuickBooks Windows and/or Works with QuickBooks Online badge, indicating data integration to end-users.
  • Buy / Checkout flow enhancements: Apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online will display the appropriate QuickBooks Online companies and options to end-users in the checkout flow.
  • QuickBooks Online app: QuickBooks Online is now integrated into IPP as a regular app. All QuickBooks Online users will see the standard IPP toolbar (with specific links to QuickBooks Online apps). QuickBooks Online will also display as a standard app in the My Apps launcher.

Check out the New App Center today!

—The Intuit Partner Platform Team






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