Combined QBO and QB Java Devkit released on Code.Intuit.com

Combined QBO and QB Java Devkit released - IPP Java DevKit

We are happy to announce that the initial version of the "combined" ipp-java-devkit is now available. The release version is 2.0.1. 

This is a major new release that adds QuickBooks Online support to the ipp-java-devkit plus many other new features. There are 74 tasks, features and bugs that are closed in this release. 

We encourage people to give it a try and offer feedback. We have been working with two internal Intuit teams that have helped us shake out issues over the past few weeks. One team is using Intuit Data Services for Quickbooks Desktop and has ported their application to the new library to take advantage of new services. The other team is porting their existing IPP app to integrate with QuickBooks Online. 

Here are some of the major release details. 

  • An abstraction for the common interface that is supported by both QBO and IDS. 
  • Ability to downcast to access platform specific features or "unsupported" fields. 
  • Additional QBD specific services that are not currently supported by QBO. 
  • Javadoc and IDE code assist for the client API that is supplemented by the detailed information from the annotations in the CDM. For example, QB and QBO field constraints. 
  • Narrows the client interface to CDM fields that are actually supported. 
  • Narrows the client services and entities to CDM objects that are actually supported (generating from JAXB give you everything). 
  • Code generation of services to provide a uniform and consistent implementation of services. 
  • No more NotImplementedException – it is banished forever. 
  • Large suite of open source tests. 
  • Open Source sample apps. We have removed the samples that were obsolete or not maintained. 

You can find additional information and download links on our project home page at code.intuit.com

Happy Coding!

The Intuit Partner Platform Team







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