Intuit Anywhere Beta – come and get it!

Today, we’re very excited to share with you that Intuit Anywhere is now in Beta, meaning you can get a hold of the bits and access the services to start integrating them into your SaaS apps.

 We’re obviously very excited with Intuit Anywhere and to now be at a place where we can share Beta with you – we truly believe that Intuit Anywhere will create brand new opportunities for our partners and awesome new experiences for our customers.

This morning, we walked through an example use case, involving MethodCRM, Mavenlink, Freshbooks and Bill.com. We showed how Intuit Anywhere was acting as the glue across these apps, letting the data flow from one app to the other, flowing into and out of QuickBooks: there was customer data being written and estimates being created in the CRM app, finding their way into QuickBooks Online, then the that same information being read in by another 3rd app – Mavenlink in this case – to create work items and deliverables, which can then later be used by other apps to invoice customer (such as Freshbooks) and bill and pay vendors (via Bill.com).


The walkthrough showed how all this allowed the customer to save time and money by avoiding double data entry, using multiple apps that work together – and doing so at the developer’s sites, not through Intuit App Center – that’s a really important point about Intuit Anywhere: we want to make IPP’s data services available to apps without those apps having to be fully Federated into IPP…

The bluedot widget

We showed how the “bluedot widget” allows navigation across the Intuit Anywhere connected apps, and how it enabled a Single-Sign-On experience across the Intuit Anywhere apps.

We also showed how Intuit App Center acts as the destination where the customer is able to control which apps they’ve granted permissions to connect to their dats, and how they can control that access, revoking access as necessary.

All awesome time-saving features that developers can integrate into their apps and in turn offer to their own customers quickly and easily.

We demonstrated how Intuit Anywhere was acting as the glue across these different apps.

Then the Bill.com team showed a live demo of Intuit Anywhere that they have rolled out to a some of their customers as part of the early-adoption program. They also shared the customer feedback – all very positive feedback, really validating the value we’re delivering to to developers and customers. It was awesome!

That was the customer facing story.

We then had the product team demonstrate how quickly and easily IPP developers can integrate Intuit Anywhere into their apps and get the data flowing between their apps and IPP data services APIs. All real bits, real services – they got an app integrated in minutes, real-time in front of the developer audience.

And you can get going yourself right now!

Before you head off and review the docs, here are a couple of very important pieces of info we shared this morning at IPP CloudJam since our initial announcement a few weeks back:

Intuit Anywhere – Pricing:

For each Intuit Anywhere connection, Intuit charges the developer $5 per company connected per month. There is no limit on the number of users – so an app that is connected to a company file can be used by multiple users.

Also, we’re not putting limits on how and if the developer want to charge customers for leveraging the Intuit Anywhere feature. Developers can choose to include the cost as part of their standard pricing, or pass the cost on to the customer as a monthly feature, or  add their own margin, so for example, charge the customer $10 per month, retain $5 and pass $5 to Intuit.

We want to keep this pricing as simple as possible and give developers the choice around the economic opportunities here.

Intuit Anywhere – Timing:

Today you’ll be able to access a pre-release version of the bits and services you need to integrate the Intuit Anywhere experience and data into your app.

We plan to make the first set of Intuit Anywhere integrations available to end-customers in late September, with a phased roll-out of other Intuit Anywhere connected apps on a “First Ready / First to Go Live” basis.

Intuit Anywhere – Types of Apps Supported

Eventually (as the name suggests!), we want to make Intuit Anywhere available for all types of apps and services, and across every device.

To start with, we’re focused on enabling web-based SaaS apps that are sold to multiple customers – if you have a mobile extension for your SaaS app – that works too.

Over time, we’ll add support for custom apps and integration: examples are one-off integrations between QuickBooks and ERP systems, or other “behind the firewall” integrations. Stand-alone mobile and iPad apps and “desktop” applications won’t be supported in the first instance, but we plan to. We don’t have a timescale to share for these, but if you are planning to use Intuit Anywhere for custom, mobile-only or desktop apps, we definitely want to hear from you and will update you once we have a roadmap to share.

So, you can get going and start your integrations today. The team has worked very hard to make sure that the developer experience is quick and as simple as possible – the reality is that the grunt of the work developers will need to do will take place around the integration of the data into their app. If you’ve already begun this data integration – then that’s great: Intuit Anywhere is using the exact same data service APIs that are live today on IPP, just using OAuth, so any work on the data integration will be totally ready to go when we go live with Intuit Anywhere.

As you can imagine, the developer experience is a top priority for us – we want to make it as quick and simple as it can possibly be.

And we want the customer experience to be awesome too – we want customers to trust the that the Intuit Anywhere experience will be secure and “just work”, so each integration needs to meet technical requirements and pass a security assessment prior to going live.

Lastly, the point of the Beta is to learn and get your feedback, so we very much look forward to hearing from you as you start your Intuit Anywhere integrations.

So…if you like the sound of Intuit Anywhere, come and play with the Beta!

Alex Barnett
Group Manager, Developer Relations






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