Live Blog from the Intuit App Showcase (Part III)

"3 – 2 – 1 Showcase that App!"  That's our mantra for today and the way we introduce each app team.  Here comes the next wave!

Full Slate is getting us started this afternoon and introducing us to their appoinment app.  Full Slate allows clients of small business to go online and make appointment at an available time.  The client enters basic data which is written to QuickBooks.  The business is notified via text message that they have a new appointment. It's fast and easy for the customer and saves time for the business and delivers an improvement in efficiency with less time scheduling and a reduction in no-shows by up to 35%.  As one of their customers said "freakin' fast and easy to use."

Periscope is challenging us with why 80% of American small businesses either fail or are on their way there. What do the 20% who thrive do right? Proactively manage cash flow and monitor key performance indicators.  Periscope takes a company's QuickBooks transactions and turns them into actionable financial intelligence.  Using a simple drag and drop process, Periscope maps out when you will get paid and when you need to pay your own bills.  Print out a cash action plan and you have a roadmap to keep cash flowing.  Periscope promises their product will help small business leader avoid "financial avoidance syndrome."  Intuit loves acronyms and we may just have a new one: (FSA).  Thanks, Periscope!

AuditMyBooks says they're the anti-virus for QuickBooks and is quoting some significant numbers about the magnitude of fraud inside a corporation: $3.7MM million dollars lost due to fraud every five minutes (the length of their pitch!).   AuditMyBooks wants to help by analyzing and flagging inconsistencies in the QuickBooks system so business owners can take action.  AuditMyBooks can catch fraudulent behavior but also more basic errors like writing a check twice.  Either way, this app promises to save you money.

eBillity takes the stage with the motto "Every Second Counts." These guys founded Dice, the largest job board for technical professionals.  Now they're back with a mission to help professional work more productively.  eBillity is a SaaS platform and a mobile tool to track, manage, and bill their time from anywhere.  The app is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online.  Its quick and easy . . . just what you'd expect from a team that believes time is money.

eMobilityPOS helps small business get rid of old technology in the field by getting rid of paper.  Because it's integrated with QuickBooks, you can access customer accounts, create orders, email receipts and do invoicing.  You can also add data that isn't originally captured in QuickBooks.  Slip your phone into their device, called the Enabler, and you can take credit card and check payments on the spot.  The VCs are asking for differentiation versus Square and the eMobilityPOS team answers confidently about the advantages of being an open system versus Square's closed one.  This is a hot category.

DrivenCRM wants to automate your entire business.  Their app has functionality for sales, support, and time tracking needs.  Bulk email modules, ecommerce, and modules are also part of the package.  QuickBooks integration is key as the data starts and ends there. As one of our VCs asks "Is that all you do?"  DrivenCRM is trying to solve a real need for businesses that have to put a lot different pieces of together with a single solution.






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