IPP Platform Status

This week we are  launching a new blog site http://ippblog.intuit.com/platformstatus/ as a way to keep IPP Developers updated about issues with the platform's status that may affect Intuit App Center and/or applications that leverage IPP's services.
The broad categories of services that we'll update via this blog are:

  • Intuit App Center
  • Intuit Data Services (specifically, QuickBooks data APIs)
  • Intuit Synch Manager (this only applies to QuickBooks for Windows)
  • Intuit Identity Services (OAuth, SAML)
  • Other Dependent Services (this may include networking, data center, or other issues)

For each of these services, there are 3 states: Normal, Service Performance Degraded, Service Unavailable), and will update this blog as soon as we learn about any IPP Services issues.
We recommend you bookmark the blog, as well as subscribe to the RSS feed. We'll also auto-publish status updates to twitter (@IPPStatus).
If you feel that there are issues not reported by this blog that may be affecting your IPP app, please submit a support incident with details so we can investigate.
Here at IPP, we are committed to providing a world-class developer experience. We appreciate your participation, and look forward to working with you.

Intuit Partner Platform Team






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