Decommissioning Federated Apps – Focusing on the Future with QuickBooks API

Almost exactly a year ago, we let you know about our investment in Intuit Anywhere and that we would decommission the Federated Platform. Since then, we’ve made great strides for the IPP developer experience. It’s now easier for you to decommission your Federated app and move to QuickBooks API. Updates include:

  • A vastly improved developer experience including streamlined app creation and management
  • Expanded documentation, new APIs and modern tools
  • A better shop, try, and buy experience for customers
  • Available in August: Optional Federated decommission tools (based on the feedback of developers who have already migrated) that assist in the migration of customers and minimize customer impact. (Apps with fewer subscribers can perform migrations without these tools)

Since these updates impacted our decommission timelines, we’re extending the date that your app needs to migrate.

By September 30, 2013, you need to decommission your Federated app and make sure all of your customers have migrated to your app integration using QuickBooks API.

Federated Apps Next Steps:

  • Please join us for a webinar to go over the migration process, including how to migrate your existing customers scheduled for July 3rd from 9:30-10:30am.
  • Please let us know if you plan to migrate your app to QuickBooks API. We’ve made it easy to do this on your own, but we want to makes sure all apps that plan to migrate do so prior to the September 31st date, and will be tracking app progress closely. If you don’t plan to migrate your app to QuickBooks API, please let us know immediately. We will then work with you to remove your app from the App Center.

Please let me know if you have any questions and see you in a few weeks at the webinar!







2 responses to “Decommissioning Federated Apps – Focusing on the Future with QuickBooks API”

  1. Sampath kumar Avatar
    Sampath kumar


    Please let me know where the recording of July 3rd webinar is available?

    1. Pearce Avatar

      Sadly, the webinar was not recorded properly. If you have questions feel free to email me directly. pearce@intuit.com.

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