Question: What information about an attribute is most important?

Hey, IPP developers – we have a question for you.

Our team in IPP is doing some design work to make the entity reference pages (like this one for BillPayment) easier to learn and use. Designing an entity page is all about organizing the attribute information so it’s easy to skim through and find what’s important. But within our own team, we had different beliefs about WHAT’s most important for an attribute– the description? The data type and qualifiers? The validation rules? So instead of arguing amongst ourselves, we want to hear from you.

What information about an attribute is most important? What does your eye go to first? What do you look up most? Does it depend on what you are trying to do? Tell us about it.






One response to “Question: What information about an attribute is most important?”

  1. Justin Young Avatar

    -Whether the field is required
    -All validation rules (accurate for the field at hand, not just generic like found in many attributes of the older V2 documentation)
    -Possible errors that can come out (as these errors are often cryptic and can’t easily be matched up to the validation rules, e.g. “[severity=FATAL_ERROR,message=cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found…”)
    -Accurate field length limits
    -As long as variables are named well, descriptions aren’t much more helpful.

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