QuickBooks Online "harmony" pay employees issue

Just wanted to give you a heads up on an issue that you may possibly encounter with some of your customers.

You can read more about the details of this issue here: KB 2001703

Summary: If a QuickBooks Online “harmony” user creates time activities, the time data will not flow to the “Run Payroll” workflow.

What this means to you: If your app creates time entries via the API, the time entries will post to QuickBooks Online “harmony” successfully, but the time will not flow to the “Run Payroll” workflow. This could possibly cause customers to think your app isn’t syncing successfully.

What you should do: Bring your support team up to speed, and refer the customer to KB 2001703

This is not an API issue.
This works as expected in QuickBooks Online “classic”.
The time data will flow to other QuickBooks Online “harmony” workflows as expected. (e.g. “Create Invoices”)
This functionality should be included in the QuickBooks Online March release.







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  1. David Leary Avatar

    FYI – This issue was resolved in the Friday night 3/7/2014 Online Payroll release.

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