Update on Migration to QuickBooks Online REST API v3

Happy Pi Day! We hope you are all enjoying this excuse to savor your favorite kind of pie as well as annoy all your non-geek friends with jokes. I’m Lori Fraleigh, the new Director of Developer Relations for IPP. I joined Intuit two months ago and have been getting familiar with our developers and their applications. Some of you might recall we had targeted tomorrow, 3/15, as the deadline for some of our QBO migration programs. We finally have an official update for you.

QuickBooks Online XML SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3

Many of you have been making great progress, but we also understand that the original deadline was very tight. We’ve been able to secure a one-time extension of the deadline to 5/15. This will give you time to finish that last bit of code and then begin the rollout to your customers. Once your rollout is complete, we hope you plan to submit your app for review for Intuit Apps.com. We are also working on a customer communication plan that will be rolling out in the next month for applications that will not be migrated in time.

QuickBooks Online REST API v2 to QuickBooks Online REST API v3

Again, many of you are making great progress, especially those of you interested in quickly reaching non-US customers. There will be an extension for this migration as well. The exact date is still TBD but will be after 5/15. Keep in mind that until you migrate, your app cannot be made available to non-US customers.

If there are issues blocking your migration, please submit a support ticket and we’ll work to get them resolved.

-Lori, @lorifraleigh on Twitter






5 responses to “Update on Migration to QuickBooks Online REST API v3”

  1. Karen Magno Avatar


    Thanks for the update. We have users that have had our SDK products for years and years and as a result the contact info that we have is out of date and we have no way of reaching them. When will Intuit start messaging the users within QuickBooks Online that have a connected SDK app of the deprecation of this platform. Thanks.

    1. Lori Fraleigh Avatar
      Lori Fraleigh

      We’re working out the specifics, but likely in April.

  2. Karen Magno Avatar

    Is it possible that some QBSDK users might experience issues pre May 15th? We had a user tell us that when they go to create the connection to QBO on the Intuit page they get a 404 error on the Intuit page. When they contacted Intuit for support and spent over four hours on the phone and it was not resolved and were advised to use an App on Apps.com.

    1. Lori Fraleigh Avatar
      Lori Fraleigh

      Customers are starting to be migrated from QuickBooks Online “Classic” to the new QuickBooks Online. While QBSDK users are not necessarily on the priority list for migrations, they may start to be migrated. Please reach out to David Leary or file a support ticket for specific questions.

  3. Ryan Lee Avatar

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