The QuickBooks Online Reports API has arrived!

I am proud to finally announce the following: Last night, the team successfully delivered the QuickBooks Online Reports API!

This news has already have made some developers very happy:

“OK, this is awesome. I’ve got data coming out. Looks a lot like the QBD reports we see from the desktop SDK”Joe Dwyer, CTO, Propelware

“The QBO Reports API opens up a whole new world for developers.  Everyone at BodeTree is thrilled!” Chris Myers, Co-Founder and CEO, BodeTree

“Our customers will be thrilled. For up-and-running businesses using LivePlan to track their performance, integration with QuickBooks Online has been their number-one request, and with the new API, it’s now possible.”Josh Cochrane, VP of Product Development, LivePlan

QuickBooks Online Reports available via the API:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of Cash Flow
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Service
  • Sales by Department
  • Sales by Class
  • Customer Income
  • Customer Balance
  • AR Aging Summary
  • Expenses by Vendor
  • Vendor Balance
  • AP Aging Summary
  • Inventory Valuation Summary

With this addition, the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 is now the deepest API available to access QuickBooks Online data.

You can check out the QuickBooks Online Reports API documentation, and start using the report data in your app today!







19 responses to “The QuickBooks Online Reports API has arrived!”

  1. Karl Irvin Avatar

    Is the reponse JSON only or is XML available?

  2. yelena gartsman Avatar

    Hi Karl,

    The response is JSON only.

  3. john schires Avatar

    Will CustomerBalanceDetails report be added to the API?

  4. Karl Irvin Avatar

    On a forum post, I saw the following

    Reports will be supported in the .NET SDK in the next release on April 4th, 2014 (next Friday).

  5. David Avatar

    @John – Yes, we do plan on adding the Customer Balance Detail report to the API. We are still working through the release time frames for additional reports. Stay tuned!

  6. Peter Rosser Avatar

    It’s nice to see the API coming along. Kudos to your team for their delivery!

    My two questions are:

    1. I notice that a report that we rely on from QBD, ARAgingDetail, is not present (but ARAgingSummary (“AgedReceivables”) is). As a result, I have to make many more queries to construct the same data. Instead of one report, I must pull 2 Invoice queries and a Payments query, then back out future (to the date in question) payments from the Balance of each invoice. This seems brittle and heavy compared to the QBD way. Any chance we can get the ARAgingDetail report?

    2. Any plans to make the reports more analysis-friendly? The schema seems borrowed in some aspects, especially with tree-structured reports like BalanceSheet and IncomeStatement. A JSON-first approach to the data structure would certainly be welcomed.

  7. Amit Arya Avatar

    @Peter – Its great to know that you are finding QBO Reports API useful.
    We plan on adding the AR Aging Detail report to the API. We are still working through the release time frames for additional reports.
    It would be helpful if you can clarify/elaborate on following comments:
    – Making reports more analysis friendly
    – JSON first approach to data structure

  8. pramod hb Avatar

    I am looking for the reconciliation and balance sheet detail reports. Will it be made available in the near future?


  9. Jarred Keneally Avatar

    The .Net and Java SDKs have been updated to support the new report APIs as well. https://developer.intuit.com/docs/0025_quickbooksapi/0055_devkits

  10. pramod hb Avatar

    Hi Jarred Keneally,

    The class reference http://developer-static.intuit.com/SDKDocs/QBV3Doc/IPPDotNetDevKitV3/ is not updated with ReportService.

    Second, I am looking for a way to get the transaction wise balance sheet. We have a GeneralDetailReportQuery request in QBXML SDK which used to fetch us each and every transaction of a particular account. I was interested in the Clear Status of each transaction. The Clear flag we see when a transaction is reconciled.

    Is there a way to get a Balance Sheet Detail Report? I see a class called “BalanceSheetDetail” and “BalanceSheetSummary” in the API. How do we use that?

  11. gnagendrareddy Avatar

    Is the reports available in php sdk. i’m looking for profit and loss report right now

    1. David Avatar

      @gnagendrareddy – The PHP SDK doesn’t support JSON, so it doesn’t support reports. It is something we are looking into.

  12. Rich Simpson Avatar

    Is there a plan or schedule for more reports…I desperately need P

    1. David Avatar

      Yes, more reports will be added to the API. Are there specific reports you need API access too?

  13. Rich Simpson Avatar

    Funny, I keep posting P and L using the amp and it truncates it….YES, I NEED P and L

  14. Rich Simpson Avatar

    P and L DETAIL that is

  15. Enoch Avatar

    Does anyone by chance know how to access QBO reports in Microsoft Power BI? I’m invoking the function, that QBO has provided automatically after connecting to QBO successfully using their BETA Connection, but when I add the url fragment of the report (ex: https://qbo.intuit.com/app/reportv2?mem_rpt_id=590), it says I’m not authorized.. I have the highest clearance allowed in QBO but for some reason I’m not able to connect to the report.. Is this possibly because it’s not part of the listed reports via API? If there is a better place to ask about this, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Enoch, I recommend you post your question in the support forums for Power BI here http://support.powerbi.com# or in our developer forums here https://help.developer.intuit.com/s/ Good luck!

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