Friday Funny – Fan Mail !

Every once in a while it is fun to just kick back and drink a beer and read something on the internet. Well here is a fun little story from my work life.

I don’t check my work mailbox because I never receive mail. Today, I walked past the group of mailboxes and was going to ignore it as usual, then I noticed someone received a TON of letters. I looked closer, and they were in my box!!! addressed to me!!!

So like any rational employee, I took a picture with my phone and emailed the crazy amount of mail to the team.


(only some of the mail, I received)

It turns out that when we run a “sweepstakes” ( where we give away a gift card for completing a survey) legally we need to list an address to send mail to. So the team decided to put my name down. . . because who cares right, no one is actually going to send in a mail entry these days.

So now I get to enter all these letters into a table so they will be considered equally for the prize.

Also, I plan to hang them in my cubical as decoration.






2 responses to “Friday Funny – Fan Mail !”

  1. Mike Nichols Avatar

    And here we were thinking there was no use for snail mail 🙂

    1. Pearce Avatar

      LOL, I ended up receiving almost 400 letters! I think we just solved all the issues with UPS revenue for the month. 😉

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