8-14-2014 Webinar Survey Results

Another type of Data guy
I am a data guy, when someone makes a statement I want to know the data behind it. One thing that has always bothered me is how organizations request surveys but never follow up with the results or changes they are going to make based on survey responses.  How are we supposed to know the surveys we fill out have an effect?

Well to prove to you that we take survey results very seriously I am going to show you the results. 

  • 36% Of attendees responded to the survey
  • 85% of attendees thought the webinar was helpful and worth their time 
  • 97% thought the presenter was a skilled 
  • YouTube Views: 118 (as of Aug 26, 2014)

Overall, you were all happy to attend the webinar and thought the content was worth your time. 

Changes we are going to make from your feedback:

  1. Technology issues – The biggest changes/complaints where of the technology issues we had with the webinar.  I am currently reviewing other options for webinar software.

    What webinar software have you used/experienced that you really like and would prefer? Also we will increase our account size to make sure we can accommodate more attendees. 

  2. More webinars – Most of the requests referred to more webinars.  You guys want webinars earlier and more often.  We will take this feedback and increase the number of webinars and when they focus on an event such as QuickBooks Connect conference we will have them earlier.  This is a good opportunity to tell you we have another webinar coming in September.  No agenda yet, but you can register here

Questions for you:

  1. 36% of you replied to the survey, is there anything I can do to get more of you to respond to surveys we send out?
  2. Do you have topics you would like us to cover in upcoming webinars?

P.S. Thanks for the positive review of my presentation skills. I take presentations very seriously and have trained for years to improve.






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