Changes to IPP App Tokens

This week is a very exciting week for the Intuit Partner Platform team. On Wednesday, we’ll be launching a brand new developer experience that we think will knock your socks off. While the new experience won’t be visible for a couple more days, there are some changes to how QuickBooks Online app tokens are used between now and then.

Between now and Wednesday, October 22, QuickBooks Online development tokens will not be able to connect to regular (production) instances of QuickBooks Online. To continue testing against QuickBooks Online, you will need to switch your application to use your production tokens.

If you don’t make this change, you’ll see this error when you attempt to connect your application to QuickBooks Online:

    Error code : invalid_database. Error message : Development application can only subscribe to sandbox company. No sandbox company found Error Id :

Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 22, new features related to your development tokens will be available that will make testing your application even easier.

For those of you attending the QuickBooks Connect conference, we will be unveiling the new developer experience at the show on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Follow along on Twitter (@IntuitDev) and this blog.

If you have questions about this change or experience any further issues, please post a question in our forums.






6 responses to “Changes to IPP App Tokens”

  1. Casey Wilson Avatar

    Sandbox here we come? 🙂

  2. Krishiv Sandeep Avatar

    Hi Guys ,
    Still I’m getting the ‘No sandbox company found Error Id :”

  3. nimisha Shrivastava Avatar

    Hi Sandeep,

    Please close the error and do a refresh. It it does not help, then try an incognito window or delete cache/cookies for your browser and retry.

  4. Mitko Katsev Avatar

    @Krishiv Sandeep, I’m still getting the same error too.
    @nimisha Shrivastava, I tried what you’ve suggested and it is not working.

  5. nimisha Shrivastava Avatar

    Mitko Katsev- Can you please create a support ticket mentioning your email id? We will check the details.
    Support link-

  6. Mitko Katsev Avatar

    After posting a ticket and getting response from Intuit’s support, I found out that the statement on this post is not accurate. Now the development tokens work only with sandbox company. From the current post it sounds like it was supposed to be like this only until Oct. 22.

    More details here:

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