Intuit hosts Node Day this Friday, Dec 5

Special Guest Post by Boki Beran, Intuit Web UI Architect

This Friday, December 5, we will be hosting “Node Day” at Intuit’s Mountain View location.

Node Day is for Architects, Developer managers and principal engineers from mid-to-large size companies, who are currently using or looking to use NodeJS as a solution for their company. It’s an exciting full day and starts at 9 am (registration from 8-9 am) and ends at 4 pm.

Our intent for Node Day is to have an exchange of challenges, best practices and lessons learned between technical leaders of companies from featured speakers like Intuit, Paypal and Netflix, as well as discussions with other attending companies. 

Some of the featured speakers include:

  • Vinay Kumar, Intuit, will present about Intuit’s node service platform journey.
  • Poornima Venkatakrishnan, PayPal, will present on the topic of technological improvements and experiments with node.js and community building efforts at Paypal.
  • Trevor Norris, NodeSource, will present about new features related to Node v0.12 and how you can prepare for the transition.
  • Alex Liu, Netflix, will present on pragmatic techniques for making Node.js play well in your existing infrastructure.

To register and see the full agenda, please go to http://nodeday.com.  The cost is $10 – breakfast and lunch is included for the day.

Questions? Send an email to Boki Beran.






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