Happy Hour with Intuit Developer Coming to a City Near You

As Intuit Developer hits the road over the next few months, we are excited to host happy hour with developers we don’t normally get to see.

  • This Thursday, December 18th, we’ll be hosting happy hour in downtown Seattle, Washington.

In conjunction with QuickBooks Online certification training events for accountants in January, we’ll be hosting happy hours for developers in some of their cities:

  • On Tuesday, January 6th, we’ll host happy hour in Dallas, Texas.
  • On Wednesday, January 14th, we’ll host happy hour in San Diego, CA.
  • More cities to be listed shortly – see the invite for details

If you are in the area and want to meet up, leave a comment here, tweet or DM us @IntuitDev, or email IntuitDeveloperRelations@intuit.com and we’ll let you know the particulars of when and where to meet us.  We’ll keep you updated as we visit more cities (and countries)!

In the meantime, here is a picture from our drink up in San Francisco last week. We had a quick, informal get together with some local developers after Lean Startup ahead of the massive rain storm that hit the Bay Area.

–Lori Fraleigh
Director, Developer Relations






2 responses to “Happy Hour with Intuit Developer Coming to a City Near You”

  1. mike Avatar

    Can I get details for the happy hour in Seattle?

  2. Lori Fraleigh Avatar

    Mike – just sent you a calendar invite for tomorrow night. Hope you can make it!

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