Publishing on QuickBooks Apps.com Now Easier

We’ve heard your feedback!

A lot of you have provided input on the publishing process for QuickBooks Apps.com. We’re working hard to meet your needs and have made an important change to the requirements for publishing on Apps.com.

What’s new

Apps published on QuickBooks Apps.com must implement single sign-on (SSO). To ease the way for apps that also require their own credentials, we’ve added a new SSO option that lets you prompt users to create an account for your app while complying with the SSO flow requirements for apps published on QuickBooks Apps.com.

Up until now, apps have had only one choice, our standard single sign-on. Going forward you’ll have the following 2 options:

  1. Standard single sign-on

This is the existing flow. With this model your application is required to implement OpenID in order to allow the customer signing up for your application from QuickBooks Apps.com to sign in directly to your application without being prompted to create a new account or password on your site. The customer signs in only once with their Intuit credentials.

In this model, you must add the Sign in with Intuit button on all of your sign-in pages.

Because this flow is easy for customers, it results in more customers signing up for your app. Many Intuit developers have found this model increases overall customer sign ups. Unless under special circumstances, we we recommend sticking with Standard single sign-on.

  1. Modified single sign-on

This is a new flow. With this model you still implement OpenID, but your application can let a customer create an account on your site for your app’s use.  Subsequent sign-ins from QuickBooks Apps.com should honor the OpenID credentials from Intuit and sign the user directly in to your application.

This modified model makes adding the Sign in with Intuit button to your sign-in pages optional.

Again, use modified single sign-on if your customers really need to create an identity and password on your site (for example, they need to sign in to your mobile or tablet app).

Another publishing requirement change

In addition to the new Modified SSO option, we’re trying to ease your way by removing the requirement for your app to sign users out of Intuit if they sign out of your app

You can learn about the advantages of publishing on QuickBooks Apps.com  here.

We at Intuit Developer are committed to creating support and features that help our developers find success for their apps.   With the above changes we hope to see your app on QuickBooks Apps.com soon.

Do you have an app that’s ready to launch on Apps.com? Check out your first steps here.







2 responses to “Publishing on QuickBooks Apps.com Now Easier”

  1. AVRAM Avatar

    Publishing has never been easier? The links all go to 404 Error Uh oh! Looks like something went wrong.

    And the flowchart images show X.

    So, how do I publish my app??

    1. Shawn Avatar

      Something went wrong indeed! Sorry about that; the broken links are updated. Additionally, full details of how to go about publishing your app can be found here.

      Thanks for your feedback!

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