What's New for Developers in QuickBooks Online V86?

QuickBooks Online V86 has been released, including several API bug fixes and updates.


    • BillPayment now allows you to supply a TotalAmt greater than the attached lines. This allows for the use case of overpaying bills, which results in credits being generated.

    • Negative tax rates are now supported for certain global use cases.

    • Two previously missing fields have been exposed:

        • On Purchase, we have exposed PaymentMethodRef, allowing you to retrieve and set the payment method used on expenses.

      • We have also exposed a TxnSource field that is used to track the source of a transaction. This is currently only used internally; there is no need for developers to set this field.

      Both of these fields exist in the V3 XSD schema. Clients consuming Intuit-provided SDKs are good to go. For other clients, please ensure these fields are added to your models (if you did not construct your models based off the schema) so that data is consistent and retained when making read/update calls.

  • We have added support for simplified delete for money-out entities. Simplified delete allows deletion of an object using id and syncToken, as opposed to a full object payload.


    • Reports will now output associated entity ids in the ColData, allowing you to associate report content with specific entity objects.

    • A new report for QuickBooks Online France companies is now available (TaxSummary report).

  • A fix to the General Ledger hierarchy has been made and is available via minor version 3. Please pass in minorVersion=3 query parameter on your report calls if you want to consume this improved General Ledger hierarchy.

Other improvements and fixes

    • An issue with addresses being returned all on line 1 of the address response has been fixed.

  • Item validation has been strengthened to prevent invalid items from being created (items need at minimum either an expense or an income account).

For a complete list of updates and links to documentation, please refer to our release notes. Any further questions, please reach out on our community forums.

Looking ahead?

    • Multicurrency for US companies

  • Updates for France region

The next release of QuickBooks Online is scheduled for the end of June timeframe.





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