What's New for Developers in QuickBooks Online v88?

A new version of QuickBooks Online was recently released. Read on for a summary of what’s new for developers with the product and the APIs.


In the last release (v87) we added multicurrency capabilities for U.S. companies. In the v88 release, we are adding several important enhancements to support interacting with multiple currencies using our API.

  • Entity enhancements: Deposit and Transfer entities have been supplemented with currency related fields to bring them on par with other entities when using multicurrency.
  • HomeBalance: We’ve introduced this new field to transactions to allow developers to easily see the outstanding balance of a foreign currency transaction in the home currency.
  • Exchange Rate Service: We’ve exposed a new endpoint allowing you to query and override the daily exchange rates between a foreign currency to the home currency of a company.
  • Company Currency: This new endpoint allows you to find out which currencies are being used by the QuickBooks Online company. It also allows you to enable more currencies for active use.

Other Enhancements

  • NAICS code/Industry name: We’ve exposed two new fields in the CompanyInfo endpoint that aid in personalization/customization by allowing you to know the industry name and industry code of QuickBooks Online companies.
  • SubscriptionStatus: The subscription status field in the CompanyInfo endpoint has been enhanced to provide more detail and clarity.
  • API updates for France and India regions.

For a complete list of updates (there are more!), check out our release notes. Any further questions, please reach out on our community forums.

Looking ahead to v89?

  • Support for global tax on Deposit entity
  • Global Tax code support for Account entity

 The next release of QuickBooks Online (v89) is scheduled for end of August timeframe.





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