Enhanced App Tiles in our QuickBooks App Store

Were excited to announce that weve launched enhanced app tiles on our QuickBooks App Store to help customers find your app more easily and quickly.

We regularly solicit feedback on our QuickBooks App Store. Customers told us that when scanning through the app “tiles” on the app store, it wasn’t always obvious what an app did and how it worked. They had to move their mouse over a specific app tile to learn more about that app. We realized that the app tile alone wasn’t providing enough context and info at a glance to help customers easily find the apps they really needed.

Enter the new and improved app tile.

In addition to your app logo, name, and # of reviews and average star rating, the enhanced app tile includes the publisher name and product tagline. This means that your potential customers will be able to find your app and learn about its benefits in one glance. And it helps small business owners and accountants find the apps that are right for them more easily and quickly.

New App Tile

How good is your product tagline?

Now your product tagline will be seen at first glance by customers scanning through the QuickBooks App Store app tiles. This is a great time to revisit your app’s tagline and update it to make sure that it contains the right information to help small business owners and accountants understand what your app can do to make their lives better. Remember that there’s a 75 character limit for the tagline, so make it crisp and to the point!

What do you think of this improvement? Do you have other suggestions? Share your comments and ideas in our developer forums.








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