Still thinking of hackathon ideas?

The QuickBooks Connect hackathon is just around the corner, but you still have time to learn more about the problems QuickBooks Online users are facing and what developers can do to help. We recently hosted a couple Friday Hangouts where we asked accountants to share the pain points that they and their customers face every day. I’ve highlighted some of the standout points below, but also checkout the full replays replays (here & here) for more inspiration.

Grant Reconciliation for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have struggled using QuickBooks Online because of unique reporting requirements that they must comply with when managing and using funds they receive through grants, whether from the government or from private foundations. Here accountant Deborah Defer (@DeborahDefer) describes the problem that she faces helping nonprofits every day:

Multiple Currency Pain Points

Accountant Beth Damis (@BethDamis) mentioned that she often struggles with companies who use multiple currencies; QuickBooks Online isn’t quite set up to handle all of conversion she wants. Getting up-to-date conversion rates for different currencies can also be a challenge. Hear the problem in the words of the accountants themselves in this clip:

QuickBooks Online feature extension

Another idea that bubbled up was to try to build a third-party experience into QuickBooks Online. Some other companies use browser extensions to hook their app into products like CRMs integrating with email clients. It could be interesting to see a proof-of-concept for what that could look like for QuickBooks Online.

This should give you at least a couple hackathon ideas if you haven’t been able to decide on one yet. If you want to brainstorm more we will be talking about ideas and having general Hackathon Q&A this Friday, so feel free to join the conversation!






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