New Referral App Listings for the QuickBooks App Store, Apps.com

Were excited to share that the QuickBooks App Store, Apps.com, now accepts apps of all shapes, flavors, and sizes via new referral app listings.

Have a mobile app that integrates with QuickBooks Online? Perhaps a PC or Mac-based app? Apps.com now supports listing non-SaaS apps using a new “Learn More” listing in addition to our traditional “Get App Now” listing.

Referral listings are also great for SaaS apps that are unable to provide a fully self-service sign-up experience. If your preference is to have small businesses or accountants complete a “Contact Us” form or you otherwise engage prospective buyers via a sales cycle, your app is now eligible to be listed on Apps.com.

To support these new listings, we have modified the app review process. All apps still go through a technical, security, and marketing review, but the criteria is modified as appropriate for the new app types. You can read all the specifics in the referral review process.

To get a sense of the new experience, check out ShopKeep and Zed Axis. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our support team.

SaaS-based apps that do support a self-service sign-up process should continue to implement the “Try/Buy” flow as described in our docs. Doing so results in the most seamless customer experience and is required to be eligible for some types of in-app (in QuickBooks Online) marketing promotions.

What are you waiting for? Review the requirements and submit your app to be listed today!






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