Intuit Celebrates Fifteen Years of APIs for QuickBooks

Fifteen years ago today, Intuit launched the Intuit Developer Network and released a draft spec of the 1st QuickBooks API. Over the last 15 years, some of the APIs and distribution models have changed, but one thing has remained the same since the beginning:

“We’re changing the world for developers and small businesses,” said Scott Cook, Intuit Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee. “We intend to build a dynamic small business economy designed to make developers successful and enable them to do what they’re really good at – and that’s developing innovative solutions that small business can’t live without.”

The first SDK came out later in 2001. By 2003, nearly 300 apps were available to customers.

One other thing we announced in 2001 – the acquisition of Apps.com, an online directory of web apps for small business customers. Even before Steve Jobs and the iPhone made app stores common place, Intuit was offering both broad and industry-specific niche solutions to our small business customers and allowing them to leave and read reviews from others.

Thanks to all of you for joining us on this journey and helping us change the world for small businesses and their accountants. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are just getting started, you are part of a growing, evolving, and thriving ecosystem.

Happy Birthday, Intuit Developer!

P.S.: Wondering what the original Apps.com looked like? We’ve come a long way!


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