Understanding the Technical Review to get your App published on Apps.com

You’ve got your app built, tested, and vetted with customers. You know you’ve got a great solution that accountants and small business owners will love! But how do you get it in front of those customers so they can find it when they need it?  Your next step is to publish your app on the QuickBooks App Store at Apps.com (which also puts your app in the Apps tab within QuickBooks Online itself).  This gets your app in front of a highly qualified, targeted audience of QuickBooks users.  But first you have to pass a technical review, a security review, and an app card review. Ugh, does it feel like a an uphill battle?

It doesn’t have to feel that way! Our writing team has recently revamped the tech docs on the publishing process to really help you prepare for, and pass, the technical review the first time around.  Check out the updated docs here.

These docs simplify the technical review requirements into 4 main areas:

  • Checking that your App uses the right UI components, properly
  • Making sure your app initiates, maintains, and re-establishes a data connection with QuickBooks, implemented properly with OAuth
  • Checking that the Sign-In With Intuit feature is implemented properly using OpenID (note that this is now OPTIONAL)
  • Making sure that your app’s interaction with Apps.com provides a consistent and expected experience for potential customers as they check out and connect with your app via Apps.com

Before you submit your app to be published, be sure to take a few minutes to run through these requirements yourself. Does your app comply? Doing this before submitting your app will save you a lot of time and help speed your app through the publishing process, so you can get it in front of customers that much sooner!

Still have questions about the publishing process? Post them to our developer forums, or add them in the comments below.






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