Up close and personal with Vinay Pai, VP of Intuit Developer Group

Back in January, the new VP of Intuit Developer, Vinay Pai, introduced himself to you on this blog.  Now that he’s 90 days into this new role, David Leary had a chance to interview him on last Friday’s (March 25) Intuit Developer Hangout.

It’s a lively conversation well worth a viewing on the Intuit Developer YouTube channel. I’ve embedded it here for you too:


Here are just a few of the questions you might want to jump to:

  • at minute 5:00 — How did you get to be VP of Intuit Developer Group?
  • at minute 7:05 — What does “platform” mean to you?
  • at minute 9:35 — What have you learned in your first 90 days here?
  • at minute 11:35 — What can you tell us about the V4 APIs?
  • at minute 14:42 — What do you think about opensource libraries?
  • at minute 19:25 — What’s your advice for new developers? What’s the most efficient path to get started?
  • at minute 26:43 — Can you share any tips on how startups and small developeres can manage their resources and priorities?
  • at minute 28:30 — When can we start playing with the V4 SDK?
  • minute 32:15 — What’s your biggest challenge as leader of Intuit Developer group?

Do you have more questions you wish David had asked?  Share them in the comments section below!






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