$100k Small Business App Showdown 2016 Recap and Winner!

Back in May when we announced the $100k Small Business App Showdown, we couldn’t anticipate all the details of what would come from this contest. But we were pretty sure we’d have an amazing variety of apps to choose among, and we weren’t disappointed!  Of the more than 100 apps published on the QuickBooks App Store between Jan. 1 and Aug. 15, 2016, our judges had a challenging task to select 10 finalists who came to QuickBooks Connect and competed on Oct. 24 in front of our App Showdown judging panel.

$100k App Showdown Finalists at QuickBooks Connect

Meet the App Showdown finalists and see their experience at QuickBooks Connect:

Meet the $100k Grand Prize Winner — Nick Hoffman, Share a Refund

On Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 24, Scott Cook announced the $100k Grand Prize winner on the QuickBooks Connect main stage:

Nick enjoyed a lot of press and attention after the announcement. Learn more about Share a Refund and Nick through this interview:

What’s Next?

Interested in being notified about future app contests? Let us know here!


2 responses to “$100k Small Business App Showdown 2016 Recap and Winner!”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Great experience. Such an honor to be among fellow entrepreneurs and be recognized by such a great tech company. Thanks to Intuit and the Developer Relations Team.

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Looking forward to following your success, Nick!

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