QuickBooks Online API v1702 released

QuickBooks Online V1702 was recently released.

New features for developers include:

  • The field, Item.FullyQualifiedName, is now filterable.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.EmailCopyToCompany. If set to true, the QuickBooks company is cc’ed on any email sent to customers for sales transactions. Company email used is specified by CompanyInfo.Email.Address.  Available with minor version 8.
  • New preferences attribute: Preferences.SalesFormsPrefs.UsingPriceLevels. If set to true, the QuickBooks company has price levels enabled for sales transactions. See the release notes for further information about price levels.

Find out more in the release notes. Check here for known issues.

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4 responses to “QuickBooks Online API v1702 released”

  1. Chris Avatar

    When will your team give us the ability to give our clients an account number? Your vendor setup allows us to put an account number in, but we can’t give our clients account numbers that will then show up on the invoice?

    That’s Accounting 101 isn’t it? All these years and still no account for the client?

    1. aquatechws Avatar

      We use the Tax ID section. That is the only place we have been able to access it from other apps.

    2. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Chris, Do I assume correctly that you are referring to availability of the Tax ID of the vendor or customer via the API? The API does not expose the Tax ID of these entities because it could contain SSN info, which is considered sensitive information. If your application absolutely needs the SSN for it to function accurately, please reach out to us with your use case and we can evaluate it properly. Thanks!

  2. Bryan Avatar

    I think Chris may be referring to the fact that the customer id is their name. Many systems allow the customer to be given a customer id (not their tax id)
    to be used when referencing their account. A unique number may seem cold and unfriendly but it does give them a way to reference their account
    when paying an invoice or communicating. There are many companies with similar names, I have issues with Fedex mixing up my company with a very large company due to our names being identical for the first 20 characters….so I have a personal relationship with this issue.

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