What's New for Developers in v1802 of QuickBooks?

A new version of QuickBooks was released last week, as part of this release we have made some important enhancements to our APIs. These enhancements are available today with minor version 21.

  • Preferences: We have expanded the list of fields returned by the Preferences API. Now, through the API you can read Accounting Period/Closing Date and many other fields that are part of the Advanced Settings inside Quickbooks Online UI. The complete list of fields is available here.
  • Shipping Address: A new flag – FreeFormAddress has been introduced to identify how the Shipping address is stored in the sales transactions.
  • Reports: The Balance Sheet report has been updated to return the Profit of the Year and Retained Earnings as  derived values (instead of references to existing accounts).

In the General Ledger report,  for certain Preference settings, columns were incorrectly mapped in the response. The APIs have been updated and this issue has been fixed now.

  • Queries: Customer, Account, Tax Code, and Invoice queries were returning inconsistent number of records when MAXRESULTS was used in the query. This has been fixed.
  • Error Messages: Error Details have been updated  for few of the error codes to facilitate better troubleshooting. We will continue to improve our error messages to make them more descriptive.

For more details head over to the Release Notes.
Updated SDKs are available here.

If you  have feedback or if you continue to see issues with these APIs, please let us know by submitting your question here.







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