QuickBooks Online plans are changing

As an important member of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem, we wanted to let you know that on April 10th we will begin implementing a change to QuickBooks Online subscriptions.

What’s happening?

QuickBooks Online will be evolving to keep pace with our growing small business customers. We want to make sure that our customers, who use so much of what QuickBooks Online has to offer, are working with the plan that best fits their needs. To do that, we’ve revised our plans and added usage limits to match the capabilities of our products. We also built a powerful new product called QuickBooks Online Advanced with more capacity and functionality.

Beginning April 10th and over the coming year, usage limits will go into effect for all QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced customers.

What does this mean for applications connected to QuickBooks Online?

We are aware that many 3rd party applications include functionality which may impact usage limits such as creating a new account in the general ledger and/or adding classes and locations. At this time, we will not be enforcing usage limits on QuickBooks Online APIs. This means that apps will be able to continue to add data to QuickBooks Online even when a user is at or over their threshold limit. However, users will not be able to manually add data if they are at or over for any threshold limit. And when a customer upgrades to Advanced, there will be no change to their attached apps and no work required for the app developer. We are continuing to evaluate this decision as we roll out our solutions and learn from customer feedback.

What should you tell your customers?

Your customers may see threshold warnings within the QuickBooks Online UI or receive emails and may contact you with questions. Please assure them that their use of attached applications will not be impacted.

Here are the steps a customer can follow to view their usage limits by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select the gear icon in the Toolbar
  3. Select Account and Settings
  4. Select Usage

Learn more about usage limits here

QuickBooks Online offers opportunities for applications

The introduction of Advanced presents an exciting future for 3rd party applications. We know that our larger QuickBooks customers have more complicated workflows, use more of the QuickBooks features and are also more likely to use attached applications to help them manage their business. We look forward to working with you to bring great solutions to our shared customers.

Usage limits by plan: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced

Chart of accounts

250 accounts with Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus  | UNLIMITED with Advanced

(Refers to the number of accounts/categories)

Classes and locations

40 combined with Simple Start, Essentials, or Plus  | UNLIMITED with Advanced

(Your customers may not be using these tracking tools)

Billable users

1 with Simple Start  | 3 with Essentials |  5 with Plus | 25 with Advanced

(Unbilled users—accountants, time-tracking, reports-only—are unchanged and don’t count toward your limits)








2 responses to “QuickBooks Online plans are changing”

  1. Rick Avatar

    So, just to confirm. If our application creates classes and associates transaction lines with these classes via the API, our users will see no interruption in this process if they don’t upgrade to advanced and have over 40 combined classes and locations?

    For example, if a user is an online plus customer, and they have 2000 existing classes on April 10th, our application using the API will still be able to create the 2001st class and add an invoice with a line that is associated with this 2001st class. The user will not ever see a warning about this, UNLESS they actually go to the classes section of All Lists and attempt to add a class manually?

    1. Diana De Rose Avatar
      Diana De Rose

      Hi Rick – That’s correct.

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