Intuit Developer Spotlight: Plooto

No one enjoys the time-consuming—and sometimes mind-numbing—process of sending and receiving payments. Serguei Kloubkov, the next developer in the Inuit Developer Spotlight series, certainly didn’t, so he and business partner Hamed Abbasi created Plooto.

Saving Business Owners and Accounting Professionals Precious Time

As a “plug-and-play payment automation platform” that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Plooto provides business owners and accounting professionals a precious commodity: time.

Sergei explains, “For business owners, Plooto takes away the pressure of day-to-day reconciliation, payment tracking and managing money flow, and frees up the users to focus on things that matter, which are running a business and serving customers. For accounting professionals, Plooto provides a powerful and easily customizable process for permissions and approvals so the business owner and the accountant/bookkeeper can collaborate to streamline payments and approvals, saving lots of time on both sides.”

According to Plooto’s App Card on the QuickBooks App Store, users can process multiple transactions in one click, receive real-time notifications throughout the process, and eliminate the need for checks. All you need is an email address for your vendors—no personal financial info or account creation required.

The Benefits of Integrating with QuickBooks

Why did Plooto decide to integrate with QuickBooks and utilize the Intuit Developer platform?

 “The Intuit Developer Platform is an obvious choice to help Plooto scale quickly and reach the industry’s top influencers. Integrating with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop allows us to improve the bookkeeping, A/R and A/P processes for a large set of customers,” Sergei says. “The Intuit ecosystem lets us connect directly to like-minded individuals in the financial industry who continuously work toward fixing processes and flows that are outdated, which can be elevated altogether.”

 And in a Firm of the Future post, the Plooto team says, “Intuit has created opportunities to support core apps like Plooto to enhance their overall user experience. The co-marketing that we do, the community they’ve built, and the client appreciation culture of Intuit has empowered the entire ecosystem.” 

The Future of Data for Developers

 For other financial technology developers, Sergei points to some important emerging trends, saying, “I believe that distributed computing, real-time data delivery and data integrity and data security are some of the major themes currently shaping FinTech globally. These emerging trends enable applications to present the right data to key decision makers at the right time. With data volume growing at a rapid pace annually, so does the requirement for more powerful computational power when scaling applications and their computing architecture.”

 The Intuit Developer team has no doubt that Plooto will continue to succeed in their goal of empowering SMBs and looks forward to watching—as well as helping—Plooto evolve. If you have questions about growing your app within the QuickBooks ecosystem, contact our team today, and don’t forget to check out the details of our new Intuit Developer support portal and our revised developer documentation.





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