Support for reading threshold limits available in the API

Earlier this year, we communicated about usage limits that were introduced to QuickBooks Online Plus companies. Over the last few months, many developers reached out to us asking how an app developer can be informed about the limits to make sure the app doesn’t cause subscription issues for their end users.

We are pleased to inform that with the latest API release, we updated the Entitlements API (under minorversion 43) to add stats about usage limits in the QuickBooks Online company that will help our developers to make sure their clients are within the limits before pushing additional data into the company.

Here is a quick overview of what has been added newly with minor version 43.

Use the sample below to query Entitlements API using minor version 43.

GET: https://quickbooks.api.intuit.com/manage/entitlements/v3/{{companyId}}?minorversion=43

Response XML payload will now have an additional list of Thresholds for Classes, Accounts and Users along with the limits that are enforced, count of the entities and whether the limits have exceeded the threshold.

Sample Payload below (truncated to show only the new fields):

Using the above count, apps can now determine whether they are under the limits for the company before pushing additional data. For more information about individual fields, refer to the API Reference.

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    Customers nowadays are requesting to print there vendors/customers address on an envelope. I hope someone will make this kind of app. Have good day!

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    Hi Diana this is great news! Thank you for this!

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