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API Roadmap: past, present, and future

We want to give an update on past announcements regarding our API Roadmap. If you’ve attended QuickBooks Connect or been with our developer program a while, you have likely heard us talk about new V4 APIs using GraphQL. You may have participated in a Payroll Beta or expressed interest in a number of key areas we had planned to support, including projects, sales tax, invoice templates, and enhanced query features.

Based on internal and external learnings using V4, Intuit has decided not to continue development in this API platform. What does this mean for developers who have waited for access to these new features?

There is good news on two fronts:

  1. We will continue to enhance and improve our V3 APIs, and add new features under minor versions. All new functionality mentioned in the Release Notes is available in our Java, .NET, and PHP SDKs.
  2. The Intuit Developer Group is creating a new Small Business API as part of the Global 3rd Party Developer Platform that will deliver use-case based functionality with more granular scopes and a simplified schema to enable deep integrations with Intuit products. We believe this will enable us to deliver value to our developer ecosystem faster and with more reliability.

New features and APIs are prioritized based on developer feedback and impact on Intuit’s business. We encourage all developers to post or upvote ideas to make your voice heard and help us deliver the most value to you.







2 responses to “API Roadmap: past, present, and future”

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    Ryan does this mean we have to create entirely new feature requests for everything that was backlogged in the API?

    We’ve been waiting on an API for the Projects module for over 2 years, and frankly it’s beyond a joke.

    If you want to retain customer trust and loyalty you’re going to need to demonstrate to us that you guys are prioritising the things we’ve been expecting during this time.

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